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17 Website Copywriting Tips to make Your Conversions Pop

Website copywriting doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be downright easy when you know your topic and you use these copywriting tips.

Easiest System Ever

1: Know your reader.

Whatever you write is all about your reader, not about what you know.

2: Plan what you will say.

Know in advance what message you want to convey to your reader and make an outline to ensure you get it right.

3: Fill in your outline.

After each item in your outline, write about that item. People get hung up on the writing part, but if you look at it as filling out the outline, then it gets super easy.

4: Don’t edit as you write, just write.

Editing comes later, ideally the next day if there is time to wait.

5: Keep your paragraphs short.

The recommended size is 7 lines or less, and that’s lines, not sentences.

6: One sentence paragraphs can work great, despite what your English teacher may have taught you.

7: Use Sub-Headlines.

If your copy is long, break it up with sub-headlines to make it easy for your reader to scan.

8: Use active, interesting verbs.

Using active verbs can help make your writing more engaging and dynamic by conveying a sense of action and movement. Active verbs also help make your writing more concise and direct, which can enhance clarity and readability.

You didn’t just go to the store, you walked briskly or you ran like your hair was on fire or you sauntered and strutted or you exhaustedly dragged yourself there.

Copywriting tips - use interesting verbs
Strutting your stuff exudes dynamic action for better engagement!

Or maybe you crawled or hopped or even flew on the handlebars of your sister’s bike.

Do whatever fits, but just make it interesting, engaging and more memorable.

9: Use active verbs instead of passive verbs.

Instead of, “A letter is written by Emma,” say, “Emma writes a letter.”

10: Omit lazy words.

Omit words that don’t do anything at the beginning of sentences. Instead of, “There are 24 people in attendance,” you can say, “24 people joined us.”

11: Avoid jargon.

Even if you’re using the right jargon with the right audience, they’ve heard it so much that it loses all meaning. And if you use the right jargon with the wrong audience, they won’t know what you mean.

12: Avoid male and female words.

For example, instead of policeman, say officer, and instead of chairman, say chairperson.

13: Write with confidence.

Instead of, “I think this is the best solution,” say, “This is the best solution.”

More words or phrases that instill confidence:

  • Certainly – Indicates a high degree of certainty and confidence in your statement or claim.
  • Definitely – Similar to certainly, it conveys a sense of unwavering conviction and confidence.
  • Without a doubt – Expresses absolute certainty and confidence in your assertion.
  • Confidently – Indicates that you are expressing your opinion or belief with a high level of assurance and conviction.
  • Absolutely – Emphasizes that you have complete confidence in what you are saying and that there is no room for doubt.
  • It is clear that – This phrase emphasizes that your point is clear and undeniable, which can help bolster your confidence in your writing.
  • I am convinced that – This phrase conveys a strong sense of conviction and confidence in your position or opinion.

14: Check your punctuation.

I’m a grammar Nazi, I correct people’s grammar vs. I’m a grammar Nazi. I correct people’s grammar. (The first version suggests that you’re a grammar-loving Nazi, while the second version separates your identity from your grammar habits.)

Yeah, small difference in punctuation is a big difference in meaning!

Or, I like cooking my family and my pets vs. I like cooking, my family, and my pets. (The first version is disturbing, while the second version lists cooking as a separate activity from harming loved ones.)

Copywriting Tips #11 - Punctuation Matters
Copywriting Tips #11 – Punctuation Matters

One last example: I’m sorry I love you vs. I’m sorry, I love you. (The first version implies that you’re sorry for loving someone, while the second version clarifies that you’re apologizing and expressing love.)

15: Avoid redundancy.

This tip was provided by the Department of Redundancy Department.

“New innovation,” “end result” and “returned back” are three examples of words.

In a sentence: The sun rose up in the sky. (The word “up” is unnecessary because, well, the sun always rises upward.)

And another: He nodded his head. (The word “head” is redundant because nodding is a motion of the head.)

16: Short words grab attention.

“Get it Here Now!” “Warning!” “Free!” Wow!

Overall, using short words that grab attention can help ensure that your message is clear, memorable, and accessible, making it more likely that your audience will engage with and act on it.

Sometimes expressions work great. This is especially true if they are well known, or associated with a particular audience, a famous person, or someone your reader can relate with.

Squirrel! A great single word attention grabber often meaning distraction!

17: Use an editor.

If you have the time and resources, you can hire someone to be your editor.

A second pair of eyes will sometimes work wonders. And you don’t really need to hire someone. A peer, family member, friend, or others who have a general reading ability are certainly helpful. They might not catch all the grammatical errors as a professional would, however, it depends a great deal on what you are writing.

In closing,

I want to expand a bit on that last comment. Everyone must pick and choose, and prioritize your work and the importance of it. There are only so many hours in a day, and we are all short on time. For example, I could spend extra time on this blog, to make certain that I don’t have any errors and am using these tips appropriately and to the best extent possible.

However, I am short on time, and I feel that it is more important to get this blog posted with the 80/20 rule vs taking the extra time out of my day tomorrow to make it incrementally better.

In this instance, I am hoping you will excuse my errors, and missteps, and take it for what it is. Just a few copywriting tips to help you along your writing journey. I’m certainly not an English major, nor am I a grammar Nazi, no matter how it is punctuated.

So regardless of the delivery, I hope you found something here helpful.

To Your Success!


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Easiest System Ever

Updated 3/21/2023