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Almost Guaranteed Make Money in the Internet Marketing Niche

If there was a way to make almost guaranteed money in the make money online, internet marketing niche, would you be interested?

How to (Almost) Guarantee You Make Money in the Internet Marketing Niche
#WhenDaveSethSpeaks You Make Money Online

The concept is simple – take away the work and offer a ‘done for you’ solution. People want to make money online. They want to create products to sell, create blogs full of content, create Amazon affiliate sites, and so forth.

They want all these things, but what they don’t want is the WORK of DOING them.

They don’t want to write their own book, or record their own video product.

They don’t want to set up their own sites and write their own site content.

They don’t want to write sales pages, emails, and guest blog posts.

They don’t want to create plugins, build membership sites, set up funnels, or build lists.

But they WANT all of these things.

Or, to be fair, more likely, they just don’t have the time, knowledge, skills, or necessary resources to complete themselves in the complex world of internet marketing. It takes a lot of tools and programs to be successful. And with everyone, time is not something that we all have an excess of. This is especially true for the new entrepreneur just starting out in internet marketing.

5 in 1 internet marketing products brought under one roof to create 5 sources of income streams

So to bridge this gap, all you really need to do is provide what they want and need, and you’ve got sales. It is really that simple.

To start with, you might want to do the work yourself. But once you get rolling, you may consider outsourcing the work to someone else to leverage your time. Now you just take the orders, order the work done, and deliver.

You’ve provided much-wanted (and needed) services, and if you can outsource, it’s not taking much of your own time. All because you’re helping new marketers avoid that thing they dislike the most: work. You are helping to bridge the gap, regardless of the reason the need is not being fulfilled. You step up and fulfill the need.

By giving them exactly what they want and need in their own business, you will be able to grow your own business. Short and sweet, and too the point. Fulfill the needs. And become an internet marketing pro.

#WhenDaveSethSpeaks about internet marketing, marketers listen.
#WhenDaveSethSpeaks……internet marketers listen

Value-Testing Internet Marketing Niche Products

So we wanted to provide some specific examples of products to illustrate exactly what we are talking about. We tested six products that can fill the important needs of others, creating value for them. These are all products that will make things easier for them and allow them to be successful in their business. These are, for the most part, “Done For You” (DFY) products or services to make life easier, faster, more productive, more lucrative, or whatever the case may be. Here are the internet marketing products and our assessment of the results so far. Let me know your thoughts.

Product #1 – Ebook Wizardry

Ebooks are huge! And growing huge’er. Yeah, I made that word up, but Ebooks continue to explode! Why? Because they work. There are several reasons they work. And they may work for different reasons, for different niches, and for different marketers.

But in my opinion, ebooks are the best way to create evergreen advertising for your product, site, or service. Create a professional ebook and post it, sell it, give it away, or do whatever you need to do to get it in circulation. Flood the market with this professional ebook and get it out there on as many platforms and locations as possible—and then it is the gift that keeps giving. It’s out there. You don’t have to keep reposting it or placing another advertisement. The more it is circulated, the more advertising, coverage, and recognition you receive. Your links promote your site, your product, or your service. This is evergreen advertising!

About Ebook Wizardry…

Ebook Wizardry is described as “The #1 Automated e-Book Creator For ANY Topic Or Niche In Minutes to Effortlessly transform your ideas into professionally crafted e-books in just mere minutes, no matter the subject or niche.

So let’s dive into the potency of cutting-edge AI technology! (Also a reason Ebooks are exploding huge’er 😉. I like that word; maybe I will use it for my own branding.) “Effortlessly create a professionally crafted ebook in the blink of an eye”.

You can create an eBook in three clicks. This package system easily assembles ebooks on any subject or niche and with any style of writing. Expertly complete and launch following these steps.

Step 1: Enter your project name, choose the category, or create a new one. Decide on the number of words per chapter and how many chapters you require. Add the topic you want your book to be about. Then choose your audience and writing tone. That’s click one!

Step 2: The system will generate ten ideas for book titles. Choose the one you want to use, or click regen for another ten ideas. You can also manually edit any of the titles if you like one but just want to adjust it. Once your satisfied with the title, click next…that’s click two.

Step 3: The system then outlines the book.  Again, you can add or edit anything you wish. (You can also “regenerate” the whole outline if you desire). Then click next, and the system goes off and works its magic to start building your ebook. That’s click three!

Global internet marketing at it's finest...on the cusp of explosion

Now it returns your eBook, which you can format directly in the software.  Change the font, add images or links, or add anything you wish. Once you’re satisfied, you can download your eBook as a PDF, text, or doc file. The eBook is also stored in the software, and you can go back and edit it at any time. You can even regenerate the whole book if you wish.

AI is changing the online world to make it easier and faster. And the beauty of the Ebook Wizard is it combines AI ease with your own thoughts, skills, and information, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs and exactly what you have in mind. Easily edit and format so that the result is still your authorship as a person vs. an AI ebook. Yes, AI helps with ease, speed, and amazing accuracy, but you’re able to steer it along the way to hit your desired target, customized with your own needs and style.

Ebook Wizardry Internet Marketing Review

Ebook Wizardry, has been a large success in the four-week period since we launched it. We have had a very good response and feedback, and we expect this product app to continue to grow. Ebook Wizardry fits the needs of so many online marketers. Time is money. Focus on creating a professional eBook and posting it across the web on all sorts of free sites that will promote your products or services for years to come!

Product #2 – Instant Vidz

Create a NEW Kind of Video in Minutes! Join smart marketers and influencers by using and selling high-quality vertical videos for ads, stories, shorts, reels, and more! Create powerful, engaging, videos for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and YouTube in minutes…

For ease, speed, and simplicity, utilize this cloud-based app with only three steps to create videos to meet any of your marketing needs.

Complete internet marketing programs must include vertical videos

Instant Vidz 3-Step Process

Step 1: Select a template from your ready-to-use 100 Vertical Video Marketing Templates in 10 niches, choose from your built-in library of stock videos, or upload an existing video to create a vertical video of any length from 15 to 60 seconds.

Step 2: Customize with a super easy video editing tool and VOX (voiceover) creator to make edits. Add ready-to-use stickers, emojis, images, watermarks, text, avatars, music, and voiceovers to quickly customize your videos, enhancing the design, look, and feel of your content.

Step 3: Download the video to your computer, or use the built-in share tool to INSTANTLY publish the video to dozens of social sites!

Vertical Vids Are Killing It When It Comes To Reach, Unique Views, Click-throughs, and Swipe-Throughs.

Vertical ads have greater reach and less cost per click as compared to square or horizontal formats. And on average, they are viewed nine times more than their horizontal counterparts. One study showed up to 4x more engagement than square videos on Facebook and 2.5x on Twitter.

Instand Vidz Internet Marketing Review

So Instant Vidz are catching on. Our sales continue to grow with more recognition and awareness. We have only been marketing for 3 months as of this post, but our customers have provided positive feedback. Buyers also have the option of securing reseller rights, and they have reported the same positive growth trends.

We fully expect Instant Vidz to explode with more and more mobile use and adoption in other countries. Vertical videos are not only here to stay but will continue to grow market share, in our opinion. And this app makes them so easy to create and post.

Internet marketing must include valuable giveaways

Product #3 – Smart Community

This product is a bit off-beaten-track and a new way to approach building your brand, following, and business as you actually create a community of your very own. This next-generation site-building technology begins with “Smart Community”. This app auto-builds all-in-one sites with a self-growing community, which includes a lot of extras, including video courses and selling systems. Easily create next-generation sites that automatically sell products, generate leads, and build a loyal fanbase, all while feeling connected as a community.

So think of Smart Community as a Facebook group or a Reddit community, but with a ton more features and flexibility. And a huge benefit is you are in 100% total control! You are not at the whim of others to dictate rules, policies, or what you can and can’t do. It is your very own platform. You own it, operate it as you feel appropriate, and retain all contacts as your own asset!

Smart Community has Everything Under One Roof

This full marketing machine includes:

Gamified Communities: Include viral growth features through publishing content, memes, images, tagging friends, sharing content, and more in push-button viral communities.

Classrooms – Host your entire video course and training materials on our dedicated servers. Provide access to your community for free or add a paywall.

Calendars – Schedule launches and announcements to your community. Plan events like webinars, free training, and more inside a community calendar that everyone can see.

Selling Systems – Integrate payment processors and sell digital or physical products right on your SmartCommunity site to your community.

Smart Community features

Create ‘Next Generation’ Sites from DFY Templates’

Create Revolutionary ‘Site Channels’

Push-button features create viral growth

Built-in gamification for autopilot members and leads

Create In-Person and Digital Events

Integrate and Sell HD Video Courses

Sell Any Digital or Physical Product with Payment Integration

Video and Voice Marketing technology

Autoresponder Integration: Collect Emails from New Members Automatically

Detailed Community Analytics

QR Code Technology

Quality Education to Learn Internet Marketing is a Requirment for Success

Smart Community: 100% control

Everything is under one roof for a complete business community set up to fit your every need, no matter your business or niche. This all-in-one platform is your own business asset. Much like owning your own email list, your own smart community is your own business asset that can’t be taken away, shut down, or otherwise disrupted.

Smart Community Internet Marketing Review

Although this is new, some have already done extremely well with Smart Community. They are growing multiple communities to fit different niches, and expanding and growing their business. We have set up a community to promote internet marketing resources (which is our core business), but we have also branched out with our communities into unrelated niches, such as health and diet aids. Once you have Smart Comunnity, you can create any “communities” you desire.

We really got a recent burst of users trying Smart Community with the latest issues at Reddit, when moderators were fed up with directives and policy changes. Had we had the word out and better advertised and known, we could have really capitalized. Smart Community is 100% yours and all under your control. The reseller option with Smart Community really has an opportunity to get it’s legs and explode as it catches on. We will be watching this one closely.

Product #4 – Viral Leads

With Viral Leads, you can grow your email list, website traffic, and social media followers quickly and easily with contests and giveaways. This system helps you turn your visitors into your own brand ambassadors through promotion. As a result, you get more website traffic, email subscribers, and social media engagement FASTER without buying any paid ads!

This is a super user-friendly and powerful viral lead app with a ton of features. And it fits our theme here very well. This is not something that many new online marketers know how to set up and execute, yet this app with DFY components puts it all at your fingertips. Anyone can do it and have great results with a bit of persistence. As with anything, just keep posting and bulding. “Build it, and they will come”.

Social Media should be a key component in any Internet Marketing Program

Viral Leads features

Everything you need for quick and easy creation and promotion of viral content:

Drag & Drop Giveaway Builder lets you easily create giveaway campaigns.

Viral Giveaway Templates lets you start with pre-built giveaway templates already dfy.

Responsive Mobile Friendly System is a giveaway widget that is 100% responsive to work on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

1 Click Entry + Fraud Protection makes it easy for users to enter your giveaway while eliminating fraud entries to keep your contest fair.

Viral Sharing (Refer-a-Friend) automates word-of-mouth marketing with viral sharing.

Social Media Integrations helps you grow your following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Marketing & CRM Integrations integrates with your email marketing services & CRMs to collect leads and grow your lists.

Giveaway Landing Page is another dfy “distraction-free”, optimized giveaway to expand results.

Tracking and Retargeting features help you maximize conversions.

How Does Viral Leads System Work?

Internet Marketing needs to have a viral component
#WhenDaveSethSpeaks about lead generation…

Viral Leads Internet Marketing Review

Just as with many of the newer products we tested, Viral Leads is catching on. Our sales continue to grow with more recognition and awareness. (Hint – we will producce more ebooks to better educate the benefits, features and opportunites 😉)

Our buyers have done well with the reseller rights, as they are also working hard to get the product rolled out. Those who have done a good job of getting the product out there have had very good results. Video how-to’s work well in marketing many of these products to illustrate their ease, simplicity, and functionality.

Product #5 – DFY, Branded Internet Marketing Newsletter

Let’s change gears to another type of DFY product that many online marketers need to utilize. This is a customizable, brandable internet marketing newsletter. Build your name and brand with a DFY newsletter (plus promote your products and services)!

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR is a monthly writing service for ‘Internet Marketers’ and ‘Digital Marketers’ who need a continual supply of high-quality written content that they can use and republish as their own. This is a tried-and-true newsletter that has been around for years and has published 149 editions as of this post.

I have subscribed to this newsletter service for over 2 years now. Each issue is completely done for you and is over 32 pages long. It is all set up to “brand” with my name and the newsletter title that I chose. It comes branded when I download it every month. I also create additional pages to include my own writing and promotion of products and services. It’s simply a matter of adding my own pages each month. Mind you, this is not needed; it is a very quality, professional newsletter without any additions. However, I chose to do so to maximize and leverage my subscription service with my own promotions in an already great newsletter.

Branding is a vital component of any complete internet marketing program
Get this Quality-Branded-DFY-Newsletter: Customize it and market it as your own subscription service!

So what is this awesome DFY newsletter?

It is a continuous stream of Hot Internet Marketing Newsletter Content for you. (After all, you have better things to do… right?)

Nick and his team produce 32+ pages of current, up-to-date pure internet marketing content that contains an introduction, all the latest news, internet marketing ideas, cool resources, an epilogue, feature-length articles, and additional exclusive pull-out supplements all in one place, each and every month.

It is important to know that this is not rehashed or crappy old PLR content; this is professional, timely, relevant content that will keep your readers’ attention and keep them coming back for more!

The content is written by IM professionals who earn their full-time living online and know what they’re talking about… (Something that’s EXTREMELY RARE when searching for a reliable ghost writing service in the IM space.)

You get Full Private Label Rights to all the.docx files. (Use the content almost any way you want, including starting your own paid-for newsletter business!)

You can use the content for articles, emails, blog posts, e-books, e-courses, podcasts, videos, etc. – Anyway you choose, you’ve got full written permission!

You also get the content of each month structured for you and delivered as a ready-to-be distributed 32+ page professional-looking illustrated PDF magazine, so you can deliver it as is to your subscribers.

And as a bonus, the exclusive interviews with experts are also recorded, so the audio interview is also available to offer to your subscribers with the newsletter.

Exclusive Interviews in every issue – like Igor Kheifets

Internet Marketing Newsletter Review

The Internet Marketing Newsletter fits our DFY Help theme to a tee. No time? No resources? Don’t have the knowledge, skills, or software programs to create a 32+ page professional newsletter every month? Well, neither did I, nor my team.

So it was actually much more productive for us to subscribe to Nick’s very professional service. And the way he has set up branding to be automatic when downloading is awesome. We sell “our” newsletter as a subscription, which can include the expert audio interviews as an upsell or a package deal.

Once we have added our additional pages and promotions, plus our bio page to make it “look and feel” that much more like our own, we have over 40+ pages each month. Maybe you should call it a magazine… Well, it is your choice; you are free to name it whatever you want. We also repurpose the content in several ways to leverage the benefits, but we are not gonna share those secrets with you today.

This newsletter is a great value. Don’t just kill two birds with one stone; get a whole flock with this one!

#WhenDaveSethSpeaks about Social Media…

Product #6 – SoloPreneurTips

In keeping with our theme of providing products that are DFY, ready to go, and fill a need, the SoloPreneurTips make our list. We have had SoloPreneur Tips for 3 months now and have found that this DFY platform is one of the easiest out there for someone to jump in and have 30 products of their own ready to go.

SoloPreneurTips are 30 DFY e-books on various topics that fit within the internet marketing niche. The initial offering is simply for personal use and is super affordable (less than a cup of coffee). Basically, they are simple, cutting-edge training to boost your income when using free and paid tech tools.

But where the really big benefit comes, and all the DFY platform and work handed to you on a silver platter, is with the DFY system and reseller option. In the flick of a switch, you have 30 products to sell as your own, including anything and everything needed to make it successful.

SoloPreneur Tips Reseller

Done for you sales pages. Your customers get shown the upgrades for SoloPreneurTips, also with their own pages, and copy already done. You make 100% on each sale you make for SoloPreneurTips and its upgrades.

Oh yeah, and here is another big deal: all customer support is taken care of! You don’t have to answer questions or deal with billing or payment issues. That is all managed for you. Simply promote your products. The email swipes and banners are already created with your own links to promote your site.

With reseller rights, you can also repurpose any of the content in whatever way best meets your needs. For example, not only selling directly but also running personalized interactive emails as a service or adding content to blogs or newsletters.You can modify each ebook to fit your own business and add your own links and products or services, a bio page, or whatever you desire. The reseller license gives you full control of all of this.

SoloPreneur Tips Internet Marketing Review

We listed SoloPreneurTips on this list for a couple of reasons. First, the platform is all set up and super easy to navigate. Any changes or customization needs are all drag-and-drop. No coding is required. Just a few clicks, a bit of typing, and save! And tutorial videos, training and support are all available, so this is one of the most basic and easiest systems available that we have used

Secondly, this is very good value for everything you get. It fills the needs of any marketer who needs products to promote and grow their lists and businesses. If you don’t have the resources, skills, or programs to create, or even the time, then take a hard look at this one. This is another product that our buyers have done well in making videos illustrating just how simple it is and everything that is included, and that has been marketed well. This product has a lot of opportunities.

Product #7 – Six Figure Apprentice

Now let’s bump things up a notch to a high-ticket offering with an automatic funnel machine. I added the Six Figure Apprentice to this list as the most complete DFY high-ticket platform we have ever encountered. I purchased the Six Figure Apprentice two years ago and am going strong today.

So let me explain this unique program. It is 100% set up and DFY with multiple, integrated funnels containing various price points of your own, evergreen products. You get your own website, hosting, and domain (with a name of your choosing).

All you need is an email platform and a PayPal account to collect your income. Richard and his team set up everything for you, even your autoresponder and email message campaign. You will be up and running in seven days.

The Six Figure Team

Richard and his team take care of the entire program, including any updates, customer questions or concerns, and all back office activities. You have one job: promote your business.

Richard works closely with you to answer any questions you have, and he will teach you everything you need to know about how to run your business. He also provides a lot of extra resources to help you develop traffic, whether it be free or paid. You do what works for you. It’s your business, and the more you promote and market, the more traffic, leads, and sales you make.

By the way, anytime you build your own email list, it’s your asset. No one can take it away from you. Plus, you can communicate however and whenever you want and market anything you want. My email campaign has now grown to over a year’s worth of daily emails (with many days having 2). I have provided helpful hints, tips, value messages, and, of course, promotional emails. This program is engagement and marketing on autopilot as new leads sign up. Of course, we enhance emails to make the list better, adjust promotions or products, and add value with freebies and giveaways on occasion to keep engagement up.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Six-Figure Apprentice Internet Marketing Review

Sorry, I get off track when trying to explain all the benefits, but I hate to leave any out. But back to the program: I am very comfortable recommending the Six Figure Apprentice. Richard not only provides an outstanding program and support but also has an incredible, unheard-of guarantee. Richard provides a 12-month guarantee that you will earn 10x your investment back, or he will buy the business back from you or personally coach you until you do!

Plus, there are a lot of other great perks and bonuses in this program, but I have gone on too long. I highly suggest you check out Richard’s webinar for these small, mid-, and high-ticket funnels. Make sure to watch to the end for the big bonus not offered anywhere else; this is a great opportunity. If you have been looking for a very simple, easy-to-operate, turn-key business, then you have found it!

Let’s call it a wrap!

Well, I have rambled on for too long. Thank you for sticking with me, and I hope you found value in our reviews and the information we shared. Whatever your business, you need to find your customer’s needs and fill those needs. Sometimes it can be pretty basic, and I think we try to make it too hard. Keep it simple and fill a need.

I think the hardest part is not having the resources, tools, programs, and all those pieces that you need to be successful. That is what we try to do at the agency, and with our online home biz sites… we want to fill those gaps for you the best we can without breaking your piggy bank.

Thanks for reading. Please share this with others and share your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

As always,

To YOUR success,





#WhenDaveSethSpeaks about Giveaways…

How to Master Time Management with this 79 Cent Method

Is time management a struggle for you to complete tasks? Are you struggling to get stuff done? Here’s a simple strategy to create laser focus: Try this…

The 79 Cent Method to Getting Stuff Done #WhenDaveSethSpeaks
“Get It Done” is a key component of successful time management, and any businesss

You’ve got a ton of stuff to do to set up your funnel…

→ create a lead magnet
→ write squeeze page copy
→ build a squeeze page
→ install tracking software
→ write follow up emails
→ create an OTO
→ create an OTO sales page
→ create an OTO download page

And so forth and so on.

It’s a big project, and when confronted with such a big project, what do most people do? They start on something – maybe the lead magnet – but they hit a snag.

So they set it aside and work on something else; maybe the squeeze page. But now they have questions about how to do it.

So they start on the follow up emails…

You see where this is going. Does it sound familiar?

Time Management: Here’s the 79 cent method to getting stuff done:

Buy a pack of index cards.

Break down everything you need to do into steps.

Write each step on a card, in order.

Now pick up the top card and lay it right in front of you.

Put the rest of the stack inside your desk.

You don’t get card #2 until you finish card #1.

No exceptions.

NO exceptions.

Now when you run into an obstacle, you’ll find ways to get through it or around it so you can get that card off of your desk and move onto the next one.

Having trouble setting up the squeeze page? Go to Google for answers, or check YouTube for a ‘how-to’ video.

Just.Get.It.Done: A key goal with Time Management.

I noticed 2 things back when I first used this method. First, I got things done. It was great! And such a relief. Second, I built confidence. Every time I ran into an obstacle, I found the answer and powered through. I can’t tell you what that did for my belief in my ability to make things happen.

After a while, I couldn’t wait to get to the next ‘problem’ so I could solve it.

And even today, if I notice I’m procrastinating on a project because it seems too big, I pull out my blank index cards and start writing.

It works every time—er, I mean every time management.

And I know that for the attention-to-detail people out there, this may make them cringe. But things don’t have to be perfect. You can always test and come back and make changes to make it better.

And I always say that getting something done that isn’t perfect is ALWAYS better than something never done that is perfect!

To your success,



davesethagency.com, BestHomeBizOps.com, davesethonline.com,

Want to learn 5 Money Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs?

Money mindset hacks are a must! Sure, you can work like a dog, stay up late and get up early. But if your head isn’t in the right place, you’ll never get ahead.

5 Money-Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs
Money Mindset Hacks Keep Your Head In The Game

A second job? Forget about it. Unless that second job is digging gold bricks out of the ground, you’ll never get ahead. Lack of sleep, lack of a life, an abundance of stress, poor eating – the last thing you need is a second job.

And you know it. It’s why you’ve got your own online business or you’re starting one. So is mindset even important? Shouldn’t you be concentrating exclusively on the mechanics of your business?

The fact is this: Without the proper mindset, the mechanics really won’t amount to much. If you don’t believe you can do something then the odds of you actually accomplishing it are slim. And if you do momentarily succeed, your own self-sabotage will reverse that victory in a hurry.

Here then are 5 money mindset hacks you MUST have to permanently increase your income in a dramatic, gratifying fashion:

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

To say this is key is an understatement. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will actively find ways to fail, whether you realize you’re doing it or not.

We all deal with being vulnerable, feeling uncertain and fearing failure. But you’ve got to trust that by moving forward despite these feelings, you’ll figure it out. It’s a matter of stacking small victories one on top of the other. Each victory should give you some small boost in confidence that you can use to earn the next victory, and so forth.

This is why having a big hairy goal often doesn’t work – you don’t believe you can accomplish it because you’ve never done anything like it before. But if you break that big hairy goal down into tiny simple goals, and then accomplish them one by one, soon you will believe that yes, you truly can do anything you set your mind to.

Lose your money blocks.

If you’re perpetually short of money, you’ve likely been programmed to have a negative relationship with it. During your childhood you heard things like, “Rich people are crooks,” and “Money is the root of all evil.”

Two things you can do to lose your money blocks are…

Reprogram yourself. The subconscious believes whatever it hears over and over again. To reprogram your subconscious takes work, but it’s worth it. When you think, “I have to work hard to make money,” correct yourself with a statement such as, “It is so easy and fun to earn money.” Choose 2 or 3 positive affirmations and turn them into mantras that you say to yourself throughout your day and as you fall asleep.

Find friends who are good at making money. Connect with others who are on the same entrepreneurial path you’re on. Talking to, relating to and being around people who easily make money will help you to see it’s alright for you to make money as well.

Declutter your life.

This one is simple – if you have a lot of useless stuff lying around your office, your home and your car, you don’t have room for the abundance you’re seeking. You don’t have room to grow. Money loves speed, clarity and clear space. It hates clutter. Get rid of everything in your life that serves no purpose and organize the rest.

Be ever so grateful.

Let go of resentments. Forgive positively everybody of everything, with no exceptions. Holding resentments only hurts yourself – it doesn’t hurt the person you refuse to forgive. And be grateful for everything you have in your life, as well as those things about to come into your life.

Forgive yourself for your financial past.

The person you most need to forgive is yourself. And you might have to do it over and over again. Forgiveness is a funny thing – today you forgive yourself, tomorrow you’re berating yourself again for the less-than-wise decisions you made.

Any time you find yourself beating yourself up, forgive yourself. You did the best you could at the time. Remind yourself that the past can never be undone, and you can’t live there, either. But you do have today, so make it count.

Now, most readers will nod their heads at what they just read and forget about it. But a few – perhaps you – will take this advice to heart and begin making the changes necessary to realize your financial goals. Use money mindset hacks to find your success.

For you, this could be the start of a whole new financial life – one of abundance. And rember #WhenDaveSethSpeaks…

#WhenDaveSethSpeaks about money mindset hacks
#WhenDaveSethSpeaks about money mindset hacks

I’m sorry, I just gotta have a little fun. Please humor me. My kids didn’t always enjoy my dad jokes either, but they lived through it.

In all seriousness, mindset is important. And so is dogged determination. Be relentless and go after what you desire. But I will save that for another blog, another time. Unitl then…

All the best,





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How to Earn More When You Repurpose the Same Content

Say you write an email to review and promote a product. And you make lots of sales. Now you’re done, right? Not even close. Next, repurpose the same content.

There are lots of great ideas here so please pay close attention…

How to Earn more When You Repurpose the Same Content

Take that very same email and repurpose it into a review. Post the review on your blog under “reviews” and optimize it for SEO. Don’t panic – you’re basically optimizing for just a couple of key phrases like “XYZ Product Review.” Done right, you’ll get steady free traffic to your reviews, and sales, too.

Capture the email addresses of these additional visitors when possible and of course capture your buyer’s emails addresses so you can sell them more stuff.

Now think about what you just did – you wrote one email, made some sales, put the email on your site, made more sales and got more people on your list. Not bad.

But we’re just getting started.

Let’s say you write a 35 page report on sales funnel automation strategies. You sell the report for $10, and you make lots of sales. It’s a good start. But you are leaving SO MUCH money on the table.

Here’s what you can do…

At the end of your report (which is a really great report, btw) offer the reader personal invitation to a webinar, where they can get access to their own business and 10 automated sales funnels. Offer them one-on-one coaching tailored to them, based on the report. There are multiple ways to generate additional sales opportunities or partnerships.

And don’t panic. You already have the information you need – it’s in the report you wrote. All you’ll be doing is working with this client on-on-one to tailor a solution for their business. “Let’s do A, then B, then C.” You’re simply acting as a coach or consultant. They’re getting the result they want and you’re getting a nice 3 or 4 figure fee.

But we’re not done yet.

Continue To Repurpose the Same Content

Take the content from your report and make a video course. Put the course on ClickBank and pull in more sales. Setup an affiliate program while you’re at it (super easy to do with ClickBank), and the sales will continue to flow without any additional effort on your part.

Now take the content from your report and create a webinar with it. At the end, offer your personal coaching service. Or an upsell. Or whatever you want that fits.

Are you getting the point?

These are just a few examples of how you can repurpose your best content to earn yourself 10 times more money. You don’t necessarily need more content. You just need to use the content you do create wisely, and repurpose whenever possible to reach more people and create more customers for your business.

This is just one of many ways to leverage strategies to work smarter and not harder, all while boosting your revenues. See more strategies on our best home business opportunnity blog, and learn how to leverage a home business as a 5-in-1 cash flow streams on a single platform. (Psst, for no cost) Again, work smarter, not harder.

To your success!

Dave Seth

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Successful Marketers Are Watching The 2023 Marketing Trends

If you’re an affiliate marketer who plays it smart, you’ll follow the successful marketers. Watch the 2023 marketing trends.

Here are 9 affiliate marketing trends to look out for in 2023:

1: More Focus on Mobile

With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet, it’s no surprise that affiliate marketers are going to be focusing more on mobile in the coming year. This means creating more mobile-friendly content and ads, as well as making sure your website and products are mobile-friendly.

2: More Video Content

Video is a very popular format, and it’s only going to become more popular in the next year. Affiliate marketers are going to be creating more video content, whether it’s in the form of vlogs, product reviews, or educational videos.

Become a regular creator of video content with a stellar reputation and you can gain a loyal following who snap up your recommendations solely because you are the one recommending the product.

3: More Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when you partner with someone who has a large following on social media or elsewhere online. This can be a very effective way to reach new people, and it’s something that more affiliate marketers are going to be doing in the coming year.

Social media influencers have altered the marketing landscape to a significant degree. For example, 15% of Gen Z’s have purchased an item based on the recommendation of an influencer within the last 6 months. Influencer marketing of all kinds generates 10 times the return on investment of traditional banner ads.

If you can see your way to becoming an influencer in your niche, then now is the time to start building that audience. Returns in the first few months will be skimpy but keep at it and you can reach a point of critical mass where the number of followers you have begins to double every couple of months. A year or two from now you could have a significant number of followers and a tidy six figure income from your efforts if you stick with it through the initial lean months of getting started.

4: More Use of Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers and promote your products or services. Affiliate marketers are going to be using social media more in the coming year to reach new people and promote their offers.

primary 2023 marketing trends

5: More Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to attract attention and interest in your products or services by creating articles, blog posts, infographics, and other types of content. This is something that more affiliate marketers are going to be doing in the coming year as they focus on attracting new customers.

6: Entry in the Metaverse

As we get ever closer to a virtual tomorrow, affiliate marketers who position themselves to take advantage of the metaverse can see significant growth. Consider in-game advertising, digital transactions and immersive marketing as possible affiliate strategies for 2023.

You might promote virtual products, become an avatar or even create your own virtual world. Even traditional companies, such as clothing and accessories are allowing customers to purchase digital versions of their products within games.

7: Voice Search is on the Rise

Mobile devices account for 50% of affiliate marketer’s traffic, and many of us already use voice search. Long tail SEO will be the best way to capitalize on this trend. Do your keyword research to discover what your potential customers are looking for when they use voice search and act accordingly.

8: Podcasting will Continue to Grow

More and more brands will want to grab a piece of the podcasting pie in 2023. Your best bet is to create your own podcast with a long-term strategy to build a large, loyal audience who purchase based on your recommendations.

Work with product owners to get special deals for your listeners and advertise this special deal at the beginning, middle and end of your podcast. Place a time limit on the deal to create urgency or limit the offering to create scarcity.

9: More Recurring Income

As more and more affiliate marketers become savvy to recurring income, we will see an explosion in the promotion of products that continue to pay over a longer period of time. For example, promoting a software or service that charges by the month and therefore pays the affiliate monthly, too.

If you have the choice between promoting two programs that are similar but one pays one time and the other pays monthly, consider going with the monthly payments.

And if you choose to expand your affiliate efforts into creating your own product in 2023, by all means make it something that will continue to give you profits for months to come after the initial sales is made.

I’m using constraint here to stay off my soap box. My regular readers know how I continually pound the table about recurring, or passive income streams. Those marketers that are most successful have mastered this model and leverage recurring income to the maximum extent possible.

Now here’s a passive gold nugget. I try to share a few to keep readers coming back.

This gold nugget starts with a ton of great premium internet marketing tools being given away. Yep, free giveaways. A whole bunch. Like over $1 million in giveaways. But it gets better. Keep digging on this one. Go beyond the freebies. Of course, certainly sign up for them, but the value is deeper.

I’m dedicating a ton of time to this right now and I invite you to dig into it and understand it. This is a mega passive opportunity!

Let’s continue with more of the questions that I have been receiving.

Will affiliate marketing ever rule the world?

This question threw me. If you take it literally, then no, I don’t think it will. To rule the world you need world leaders. To elect them based on recommendations from affiliate marketers, well, most election systems already do something like this. People and publishers recommend this candidate or that candidate, and I suppose that could be called affiliate marketing.

Figuratively, I don’t think it will rule the world, but it will continue to grow. While businesses can drop millions of dollars in advertising, many of them would prefer to pay on a performance basis only. If a sale is made, they pay. If there’s no sale, then they don’t pay. It’s a pretty good system for businesses because they don’t waste money on advertising that doesn’t work.

And it’s a great system for affiliates because we get to make money on products we didn’t create and don’t own.

What are the best niches and sub niches for beginner affiliate marketing?

There are so many to choose from, and of course you will sometimes overlap from one subniche to another. For example, if your niche is computers then you will likely also be in the digital notebooks and webcams as well.

If you’re new to marketing, you’ll find it’s easier to work in a niche other than the online marketing niche. You won’t yet have the credibility of an experienced marketer because you don’t have any experience in marketing. Starting in this niche is like starting college as a professor without ever taking college classes.

Once you’ve established yourself in another niche and you’re making a six-figure income, that’s the time to enter the online marketing niche and teach others are how to be successful, too.

I’ve created a list below to get you started. Keep in mind that any niche you choose needs to be profitable for you with an audience you can easily reach.

Niche: Dating


  • dating and relationship advice
  • flowers and gifts
  • partner search for all types of preferences (age, ethnicity, faith, hobby or passion, and other relationship goals)

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • CatholicMatch
  • ChristianCafe
  • Commitment Connection
  • CountryMatch
  • Double Your Dating
  • eHarmony
  • Fitness Matchmaker
  • GamerDating
  • Jdate
  • Meetup
  • Military Cupid
  • OurTime
  • Parship
  • ProFlowers
  • Seeking
  • Single Parent Meet

Niche: Education and Self-improvement


  • bar exam
  • certification for financial risk management and project management
  • code and software development
  • courses with college credits
  • e-learning tools and course creators
  • English and foreign languages
  • hobbies
  • homeschooling
  • industry skills
  • physical classroom supplies and furniture
  • pre-school learning
  • price comparison for tertiary institutions
  • reviews (medical board exams)
  • SAT preparation
  • textbooks

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • AmONE
  • Bionic Turtle
  • Coursera
  • Discount School Supply
  • DIY.org
  • Kaplan
  • Kranse Institute
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • MasterClass
  • Outschool
  • Pluralsight
  • Princeton Review
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Skillshare
  • Teachable
  • Textbooks.com
  • Thinkific
  • Udacity
  • Udemy

Niche: Fitness and Sports


  • baseball
  • basketball
  • biking
  • bodybuilding
  • fan memorabilia
  • fitness tech and apps
  • football
  • golf
  • gyms and gym equipment
  • hockey
  • home gym gear
  • hydration and recovery products
  • live events
  • live sports streaming
  • nutrition and supplements
  • personal and corporate workout programs
  • running
  • snow sports
  • soccer
  • sporting goods (apparel, jerseys, footwear, and accessories)
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • tennis

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • Baseball Rampage
  • Callaway Golf
  • EVO
  • Fitbit
  • FuboTV
  • Grass Racks
  • HockeyShot
  • iHerb
  • Leather Head Sports
  • Muscle & Strength
  • Osmo Nutrition
  • Soccer Garage
  • SportsMemorabilia
  • StubHub
  • Under Armour

Niche: Food and Drink


  • bakery and sweets
  • breakfast cereal
  • cooking classes
  • fresh produce
  • gourmet teas and accessories
  • grocery delivery service
  • liquor
  • meal kits and subscription boxes
  • recipes
  • seasoning packs
  • snacks
  • special diets such as keto, vegan and vegetarian

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • Art of Tea
  • ButcherBox
  • DirectEats
  • Drizly
  • Eat Better Meals
  • HelloFresh
  • Kettle & Fire
  • Lifeboost Coffee
  • MamaSezz
  • Peapod Groceries
  • Rouxbe
  • Tasteaholics
  • The Fruit Company
  • Universal Yums
  • Veestro
  • Vital Choice

Niche: Gaming and e-Sports


  • betting
  • game codes and keys (for character upgrades and game boosters),
  • game rental service
  • game testing
  • game tutorials
  • games
  • hardware and accessories (desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, mousepads, graphic cards, consoles, headsets, joysticks, flight yokes, webcams, microphones, speakers, audio mixers, gaming chairs, and desks),
  • in-game currencies
  • related merchandise such as apparel, collectibles, and home decor
  • streaming
  • tournaments for web and mobile

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • Alienware
  • Astro Gaming
  • Bose
  • GameFly
  • GG.bet
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Into The AM
  • Kinguin
  • Leprestore
  • Nvidia
  • Razer
  • Twitch
  • Zygor Guides

Niche: Home and Garden


  • beddings (pillows and mattresses)
  • decor (wall art, vases, mirrors)
  • fragrances and cleaning products
  • DIY projects and tools, kitchen and cleaning appliances
  • floor treatments (including rugs and carpeting)
  • furniture (and their covers)
  • gardening (furniture, tools, plants)
  • HVAC
  • interior design services
  • lighting
  • security devices

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • AromaTech
  • Belle & June
  • Canvas Vows
  • Curtain Wonderland
  • Frontpoint Home Security
  • Hardware World
  • Heat and Cool
  • Homary
  • Home Depot
  • Keetsa Mattresses
  • Kitchen Universe
  • MiracleSofa
  • My Cleaning Products
  • Nisbets
  • Rug Source
  • Side Door
  • Vacuum Cleaner Mart
  • Wayfair

Niche: Personal Finance


  • budget tracking and bill management
  • credit reporting and management
  • cryptocurrency trading
  • debt reduction
  • financial data security
  • financial education for kids and adults
  • insurance (health, life, disability, professional liability)
  • investment portfolio management and trading
  • loan application and management
  • money transfers
  • online banking and savings
  • wills and estate planning

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • Acorns
  • CIT Bank
  • Coinbase
  • Complete Wills
  • Diversyfund
  • Experian
  • HoneyMoney
  • LifeLock
  • Little Green Light
  • Trim
  • Wise

Niche: Petcare

traffic is key in 2023 marketing trends
Meme are great for engagement and to drive traffic


  • cleaning products (for urine, poop, fur)
  • food and feeders
  • furniture and carriers
  • grooming and hygiene products (pee pads, litter boxes)
  • insurance
  • medicine
  • obedience classes
  • pet sitting
  • safety products (collars, harnesses, doggy doors, kennels)
  • tracking devices and services
  • veterinary services

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • Brain Training for Dogs
  • Chewy
  • Paw.com
  • Pet Cube
  • Pet Pro Supply
  • Petco
  • Petplan
  • PetPlate
  • Rover
  • Ruffwear
  • VetShopMax
  • Whistle

Niche: Technology


  • computers (desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets)
  • digital marketing software tools (such as SEO analysis, email management, competitor spying, webpage builders, forms, and plug-ins)
  • digital notebooks
  • drones
  • GPS for land vehicles
  • headphones and earphones
  • microphones
  • photography and video equipment
  • printers
  • projectors
  • smart speakers
  • smartphones and peripherals (such as power banks and chargers)
  • software and apps
  • tracking devices (for luggage, keys, elderly patients)
  • TV sets and remote controls
  • VPN
  • web hosting and domain hosting
  • webcams

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • ConvertKit
  • DJI
  • Garmin
  • GoPro
  • Kinsta
  • Microsoft
  • NordLayer
  • Rakuten
  • Rocketbook
  • SEMrush
  • ShareASale
  • SpyFu

Niche: Travel


  • accommodations (hotel, resort, or vacation home)
  • airline bookings
  • car rentals
  • claims for delayed or canceled flights
  • cruises
  • European train rides, restaurant bookings
  • guided tours
  • house-sitting service
  • luggage and travel essentials
  • online travel guides
  • tickets to attractions and activities
  • travel insurance policies

A sample of the popular affiliate sites:

  • Agoda
  • AirHelp
  • Booking.com
  • Cruise Direct
  • Expedia
  • Interrail Pass
  • Travelpayout
  • TrustedHousesitters
  • Viator
  • World Nomads

So hope I didn’t bore you with all these list. But these fascinate me and get my creative juices flowing. There is no end to opportunities when it comes to affiliate marketing. Take your passion and dive into a niche. With a little creativity, you can tie in to all sorts of affiliate marketing opportunities. This is just exciting stuff to me. I think I could take almost any niche and run with it, and have fun! I hope you all do the same.

And really, the basics or foundation is pretty much the same for whatever it is that you are marketing, regardless of the niche. You will always need Traffic, Leads and Sales!

Now, let’s close with an affiliate marketing triumph story:

George was at his wits end financially. In fact, he was about 30 days away from becoming homeless.

But George knew gaming. And he knew gamers.

He signed up for three different gaming affiliate programs, built a simple website and starting writing 3, 4 and 5 articles a day about gaming.

He promoted his site on social media, he answered any and all questions people had about gaming and especially about the games he knew best.

He did live calls to answer questions.

He built his mailing list. And he promoted products.

30 days after he started he had enough money to catch up on his rent.

90 days after he started he was able to replace his clunker car with something newer and nicer.

That was three years ago.

George now owns his own home. He drives a new car. And he’s never been happier.

Notice that it did not happen overnight.

Notice that George worked his tail off in the beginning.

And notice, too, that if George can do it, then so can you!

To your success!


davesethonline.com/blog  online resourcesmemberships 12-day training traffic


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updated 3/4/2023

6 Must Know Strategies: How To Turn Lists Into Buyers

I’m betting you’ve read a blog post or two or ten about list building. They all said the same thing. Create a lead magnet, set up a lead page, and drive traffic. Bada bing, bada boom… big list. Except it’s not quite that easy, right? But what you really need to know is how to turn lists into buyers.

Maybe you’ve tried to follow those instructions, but it’s not quite working for you.

Here’s why: you’re missing a couple key pieces of information. And you’re missing the one thing that’s going to tie the whole strategy together and finally deliver great results.

What are those key pieces of information? That’s what you’re about to discover. Inside this blog post you’re going to see the entire strategy laid out, and within each step you’re going to get key pieces of information that you may not have given the proper attention.  

Easiest System Ever

How To Turn Lists Into Buyers

Let’s jump in…

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Most people jump right into snapping into place the various components of list building, such as creating a lead magnet. However, you shouldn’t even be thinking about your lead magnets or lead pages until you thoroughly study your audience.

There are two reasons for this:

  • You need to know what your audience wants so that you can deliver a lead magnet that’s absolutely irresistible to them.
  • You need to know who your audience is so that you can craft lead pages and other content that resonates with them.

Most list builders don’t take the time to do a deep dive to really understand their audience, and that’s why they end up with a small list, an unresponsive list, and/or a high churn rate.

So, here’s what you need to do. First, you need to find out what your audience is BUYING. If they’re buying a particular infoproduct, tool, app or service, then you can bet they’ll line up around the block to get something similar for free.

Secondly, you need to figure out who your audience is. Check out their demographics, figure out what makes them tick, determine their biggest niche challenges, discover their hopes, fears and desires. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be for you to create content that makes them swoon. This means you need to talk to your audience, survey them, and do some research to learn more about their age, gender, interests and behaviors.

Now the next step…

Rccession Proof you list into buyers
Special Price Right Now: Recession Proof Income

Step 2: Know Your Competitors

The second step is to know your competitors and how they’re positioning themselves in the market. The idea here is to spot an opening in your market for you to set yourself apart.

I can’t stress enough how this is going to be a big key to your success. If you don’t find a way to set yourself apart from everyone else in your niche, then you’re just going to get drowned out by the noise. You’ll need to work exponentially harder just to barely survive off the crumbs dropped by your competitors.

That’s not fun. And it’s definitely not profitable.

So, here’s what to do instead: work smarter instead of working harder. Set yourself apart by giving your audience a really good reason why they should do business with you. Brainstorm what’s unique about your business, and match that up with a benefit that your audience really values.

For example, do you have a boatload of experience in the niche (with proof), and that’s something your audience values? That’s a great way to set yourself apart.

Have you pioneered a strategy in the niche? Sharing something no one else is sharing is another great way to set yourself apart.

Point is, don’t skip over this step, because setting yourself apart is going to make a huge impact on list growth and retention.


To turn lists into buyers….

Step 3: Create an Irresistible Incentive

Okay, you know what your audience wants and you’ve figured out how to be unique in your niche. Now you need to create an irresistible lead magnet that’s not only in-demand in your niche, but also unique.

This could be most anything, including a report, memberships, video, webinar, audio, app, tools like checklists, tutorials, courses or more. But the big key is that you need to make it unique. You need to provide fresh tips and ideas your audience has never seen before, and/or you need to present the information in a fresh way.

As noted, front-end discounted or free memberships are a great way to provide additional value.

For example, don’t just teach people a “how to” strategy. Instead, give the strategy a unique name. You might even create a unique “formula” or “system” around the process. Don’t be afraid to coin new phrases, because that’s what leaders do, while followers just rehash other peoples’ information.

For example you can get your very own products to brand and sell through the “Product Licensing Formula” here. Nick provides complete products and sales packages all DFY that you brand and have up and running in just a few days.

And one of the biggest incentives you will see are all the incredible bonuses that are being offered. It is not uncommon that the bonuses attract buyers just as much, or sometimes even more, than the initial product offering! If that is the case, then you know you are on the right track. There is no better tool to incorporate valuable bonuses with your offerings than CommissionGorilla.


Step 4: Set Up Your Lead Page

At this point you have a high-value, desirable, and extraordinarily unique lead magnet. You just know your prospects are going to rush to join your list in order to snag this valuable product. Now you need to create a lead page that does a great job of conveying the unique benefits of your offer.

This page is going to make or break your success. If you create a boring lead page that doesn’t do a good job of letting your prospects know why they should join your list RIGHT NOW, you can kiss your dreams of having a big list goodbye. If you don’t tell your prospects why you and your lead magnet are different from your competitors, you’re going to really struggle to build a big, responsive list.

The point is, you need to create a mini sales page that positions your product as different and better than everything else that’s out there. Even if your prospect has downloaded a million other similar products, you need to stir up desire to download yours too because it’s different and better in a meaningful way.

Do you have the copywriting chops to do this yourself? If you can’t confidently say “yes” to this question, then you’re going to want to sharpen your skills. There are 10 courses on copywriting here that you can access here at no cost. These are a great resource for anyone to get started. You can also hire a copywriter who can infuse a little magic into your lead page. Be sure to pick someone who can follow your direction and objectives set your offer apart from everything else that’s out on the market.

Several platforms have an amazing amount of resources and valuable support information as well. Look to Groove, HighLevel, GetResponse and Aweber


Step 5: Drive Targeted Traffic

“Hits” and “traffic” don’t mean diddly squat. Bots aren’t going to put money into your pocket. Real humans who aren’t targeted to your offer aren’t going to be profitable either. That’s why you need to focus in like a laser on generating high-quality, highly targeted traffic who’s absolutely hungry for your offer.

So listen, you already have a head start in this department because you’ve studied your audience. You know what they want and you know who they are. Now you just need to figure out where they hang out so you can drop your ads and promos in front of them.

The good news here is that you don’t need to do this all from scratch. There are other people in your niche who already have what you want — access to your audience — and they’re willing to direct the audience over to your lead page. All you have to do is give them something that they want too.

For example:

  • Trade free content for massive exposure in the form of guest blogging.
  • Give your existing prospects and customers discounts and other incentives to refer their friends to your business.
  • Pay for exposure by placing ads on niche sites and social platforms where your audience hangs out.
  • Trade ads and endorsements with other marketers who save the same niche as you do.
  • Be a guest expert on a popular podcast in your niche.

Those are just a few ideas to get you going. For best results, focus on just one advertising idea at a time. Once you get one method up and running, then go ahead and add another to your overall strategy.

Easiest System Ever

And always, always track, monitor and assess all ads, whether free or paid. And the same with all funnels, opt-in and capture pages. This is a must to ensure you are leveraging the most optimal and weeding out the poorest performing. Look to TrafficG, ClickMeter, EasyHits4U. For SEO and website analysis for traffic, look to Mongools, Databox, Buzzsumo and Groove .

Commit to taking consistent steps every day towards growing your traffic, and soon you’ll see exponential list growth too.

And finally…

Step 6: Continual Learning – How To Turn Lists Into Buyers

At this point you’ve got a great step-by-step process in hand for list building, including the essential components you need to snap into place to start getting good results. Most list builders overlook pieces are parts of these key components, and that’s why most list builders can hardly cover their autoresponder fees (much less make a comfortable living online).

But let’s be honest here…

One blog post isn’t going to turn you into a super marketer whose mailing list gushes money like a firehose. One post isn’t going to have you creating the biggest list in your niche. And yeah, one post isn’t going to change your life.

It’s not meant to do any of those things because we don’t have the space to deliver the full strategy to you. Instead, this post is intended to highlight the key components and give you a solid foundation for building that big list of buyers.

You can take what you’ve learned so far and run with it. You’ve learned enough to set yourself apart in your niche and attract high-quality subscribers who’ll eventually go on to become profitable customers.

Resources to Turn Lists Into Buyers

Resources to Turn Lists Into Buyers
Resources to Turn Lists Into Buyers

There are some great resources available to help you with more strategies, tips and tricks. There is no one size fits all or silver bullet. And it is as much an art as a science. Use these resources to help you finally build that big, responsive list that you’ve been dreaming about.

The first resources I wanted to point our are free resources and courses about Traffic, Affiliate Marketing and Marketers . There is also a new course called One to Ten, about how to start from zero, get your first 1000 subscribers, and then 10x your results to create a huge, responsive and very profitable list.

Another great resource that makes offering quality bonuses crazy simple is CommissionGorilla. As I noted early, it is so efficient that it will boost your commissions by multiples, while lowering your overall workload.

Every marketer in any niche has followed the principles outlined in this course, whether they could name those principles or not. A lot of these marketers wasted a whole lot of time and money figuring it out by trial error. Other marketers never figured it out, and they had to return to their day jobs and cubicles and retail cash registers.

Each of these resources provide valuable shortcuts by offering essential strategies and some little know insider knowledge as well. Don’t waste time chasing ideas that don’t work or trying to figure it all out yourself. Instead, build your list by doing exactly what the top list-builders do.

Due diligence, patience and perseverance are required!

To your success!


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Easily Double Your CTR with 5 Simple Words

While I don’t always advocate taking shortcuts and easy routes, this one is just too good not to share with you. Here are the top headline words that easily double your CTR.

Imagine if you could just about guarantee that every headline, subject and title you write is a hit, and do it without spending days compiling headline lists and testing them against each other. What would that be worth to you?

You can quickly create a psychological state of desire in your reader by using a variation of these five words in your titles, subject lines and calls to action.

Double Your CTR with “You”

Double Your CTR with the word you
Strategic Marketing – Who doesn’t like the word “you”?

No one gets tired of hearing their own name or even being spoken directly to.

Easy” will Easily Double Your CTR

Who doesn’t love easy? Easy ways to make money, to get in shape, to become healthier, wealthier and wise.

“Fast” – Double your CTR faster

People want everything quicker and faster these days, and if you can provide that speed, they will love it.

Free” – Double your CTR at no cost

This is the best known and perhaps most used word for titles that increase conversions. In fact, I challenge you to test two nearly identical headlines, one using the word “free” and one with out it to see what happens.


double your CTR with money
No list of titles words could be complete without using “money”

And of course, this list would not be complete without the mention of money. While ‘free’ is all about getting stuff without paying, ‘money’ is all about making the greenbacks. If you can make it sound realistic, then mentioning money works.

Words like You, Free, Money, Easy and Fast are effective because they capture attention, remove barriers and entice readers with what they want: Quick, simple solutions to their problems.

That’s why when you see a headline such as, “5 Easy Ways to Double Your Sales,” you almost cannot help but click on it.

When possible, combine two or even three of these words in a headline. It’s fine to use synonyms, too. For example, other words and terms for ‘fast’ are:

  • Accelerated
  • Express
  • Presto
  • High-Speed
  • In a Snap
  • In X Days
  • In X Minutes
  • In X Steps
  • Like Crazy
  • Rapid
  • Speedy
  • Split-Second
  • Quick
  • Supersonic

Examples of Headlines That Will Easily Double Your CTR:

I challenge you to use at least one of these 5 words in your next 10 headlines and measure the results compared to your last 10, and then let me know the results. I think you will be pleased at your higher rates of opens and clicks.

Add in some free traffic some affiliate programs and you’ll be off to the bank!

To your success!


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What are the Best Small Business Ideas for 2023?

There are so many great small business ideas out there that it can be tough to choose which one to pursue. Here are 15 of the best small business ideas for 2023.

If you’re currently employed full-time, it can be even tougher to find the time to start a business on the side.

But it is possible. I know firsthand because I’ve done it myself. In fact, some of the best businesses are started by people who are already working full-time.

If you’re feeling motivated to start a business in 2023 but don’t know where to start, here are 15 great small business ideas you can pursue.

List of 15 Best Small Business

1. Start a blog

If you’re passionate about a certain topic, why not start a blog about it? You can share your knowledge and expertise with the world, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to make some serious money from your blog through advertising or affiliate marketing.

On average, serious bloggers make around $45,000 year. Keep in mind that the first six months is a building phase of creating content, driving traffic and building your following. The real income tends to kick in during the second six months, with the $45,000 a year figure for an established blog.

One of the best things about blogging is that it’s relatively inexpensive and can be done in your spare time.

best small business ideas blog

2. Start an e-commerce business

If you’re good at finding products that people want to buy online, an e-commerce business could be for you. You can sell just about anything, from physical goods to digital products. And the best part is, you can get started without investing a lot of money.

The trick is to find products you can purchase for a low amount, sell for substantially more and that people want to buy from you.

T-shirts and other personalized items can work really well for this and entire 6 figure businesses have been built with a few super catchy and timely t-shirt slogans along with good graphics and marketing.

3. Start a service business

If you have a particular skill or talent that you can offer others, why not start a service business? You can offer your services to clients on a freelance basis, or you can even start your own service-based business.

If you are particularly good at any one aspect of online marketing, for example, then this could be a good fit for you. Content creation, graphic design, reputation management, and business coaching are all good possibilities.

4. Start a subscription box business

best small business subscription box
Subscription box and membership models rank high in the best small businesses to start in 2023

If you’re looking for a unique business idea, why not start a subscription box business? You can curate boxes of products based on a theme and people can subscribe to receive them on a monthly or quarterly basis. Subscription and membership business models are a great way to build a loyal customer base and make some recurring revenue.

I’ve seen this work in crafting niches such as crochet and knitting, as well as pet niches, personal care items and even snack foods.

best small business snack box
New York Post ranked Universal Yums as the #1 snack box in 2022.

5. Start a drop shipping business

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping products yourself, you can always start a drop shipping business. This type of business allows you to sell products without having to worry about inventory or shipping. Instead, when a customer orders a product from your store or from Amazon, you simply order it from your supplier and have it shipped directly to the customer.

The key here is to identify savvy product opportunities. Finding products from overseas that will sell well while giving you a good profit margin will take some research, but it can be well worth it.

6. Start an affiliate marketing website

If you’re good at driving traffic to websites, you could start an affiliate marketing website. This type of site earns revenue by directing visitors to other websites via your affiliate link, where they can make purchases. As an affiliate, you earn a commission on every sale that you refer. If you’re interested in passive income, membership websites are the perfect match.

Your first step is to choose a niche. Find products that you want to promote in that niche, and then create content to bring in prospects. Build your list and market these affiliate products to your list as well as on your website. HINT: Learn the art of providing bonuses to entice buyers. Often times, a valuable bonus may be so attractive, that the buyer desires the juicy bonus as much or even more than the original offer. Make sure your bonuses are valuable and closely correlate to the original offering.

Best Small Business Traffic
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7. Start a social media marketing agency

If you’re good at marketing on social media, you could start your own social media marketing agency. You can help businesses grow their online following and get more leads and sales from their social media accounts.

8. Start writing ebooks

The beauty of ebooks is that while content matters, length does not. As long as you deliver on the promise of the title, your ebook can be almost any length. This means that if you get busy and focus, you could possibly write a new ebook every month or two. Heck, I’ve known people who wrote their first ebook over a two-day weekend.

Use each ebook to recommend the other ebooks as well as any services you provide.

In fact, an ebook can be a great way to get customers for your service. For example, if you’re a web designer and you wrote the book on web design, clients are going to be much more eager to hire you for your services.

9. Start teaching online courses

If you’re an expert then there is likely an audience willing to pay to learn what you know. Teachable is perhaps the easiest and most affordable platform to host your course and they have plenty of free resources to help you get started.

Best Small Business Affiliate Marketing Courses
Affiliate University offers Affiliate Training and Coaching Courses

10. Start an SEO agency

If you’re good at optimizing websites for search engines, you could start your own SEO agency. You can help businesses improve their ranking in search results and get more traffic to their website.

11. Start a web design agency

If you’re good at designing websites, you could start your own web design agency. You can help businesses create beautiful and functional websites and entire sales funnels that convert visitors into customers.

12. Start a content marketing agency

If you’re good at creating compelling content, you could start your own content marketing agency. You can help businesses attract more website visitors and convert them into customers with high-quality content.

13. Start Instagram marketing

Build a loyal following on Instagram and could get deals with major brands to promote their products and services related to your content. If you have enough followers, you can charge $500 to $5000 or more per post.

14. Start an online coaching business

Coaching business is hot and getting hotter. Coaching is one of the best buseinss models to generate high ticket income over a long term period of time. Or another way to put it – one of the best residual income stream you can create. Basic content can be recorded and provided in webinar format. Upsells can include high dollar one-on-one coaching where coaches are making $2,000 to $5,000 per month with just a few clients.

Best Small Business Coaching
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Everyone has an area of expertise that they can develop into a niche coaching program. This can be the perfect way to teach beginners in your field. One-on-one coaching is a dependable side business that can be grown into a full time income. If you charge by the hour,  then you’ll want to use a system like Teamwork to keep track of billable hours while managing client projects at the same time.

In addition to the help you give others, you can also build an online community using a private Facebook group or Groove for your clients to interact and learn from each other.

15. Start a podcast

If you enjoy telling stories, chatting and doing interviews then this is a great opportunity for you to build an audience around a specific topic. You can use your podcast to get sponsors, to promote affiliate products or your own products. Even a new podcast with a built-in audience or a podcast that is building a strong audience can secure advertisers at $200 to $500 per 90 second slot.

You can research and create your own content, or you can interview experts on your podcast. Be sure to do plenty of storytelling to get and keep your audience, as well as conveying your enthusiasm for your topic, using emotion and humor to keep listeners coming back for more.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to get you started. There are endless possibilities when it comes to starting your own business. So, if you’re feeling motivated, take the first step and see where it takes you!

It’s never to late to start a new chapter in your life and follow that calling to do something more.

This is Sherman. Sherman is old and wise and says to leave no stone unturned!

And lastly, be creative, have fun and “rock it”

To your success!


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Do You Know The Secret Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions

The secret bedtime skill is storytelling, which has been a part of business throughout history. Storytelling has stood the test of time in marketing and sales, generating billions. Smart online marketing leverages the skill that earns billions.

Let’s Begin With the Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions

About a century ago, the street was a public place open to everyone. It was shared by pedestrians, horses, streetcars and bicyclists. But as cars become popular, they would drive through the streets at top speed and mow down pedestrians.

Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions in history
Historical Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions

Public outcry called for laws to be passed against these new automobiles to save lives. Naturally, fearing their product would become outlawed in cities, the auto industry fought back.

How did they do it? By controlling the story.

They told people that the streets were for cars only, and if a car kills you, then it’s your own fault. They even called pedestrians by a nasty, humiliating name – Jay walking. Back then ‘jay’ was a truly offensive name, meaning ‘dirty hillbilly.’

To publicize this new insult, the auto industry planted stories in newspapers blaming pedestrians for automobile deaths and calling them by the offensive name.

Today thanks to this blame shifting propaganda, jaywalking is a crime. Think about it: A group of businessmen created stories and coined an offensive slur to promote their product.

And it worked so well, this offensive slur is now a legal term.

As a result of this storytelling on the part of the auto industry, the street went from being a public place where everyone was welcome to a terrifying off-limits death trap for machines.

Skill that Earns Billions from days of old

I suppose if there’s a moral to this story, it’s, “S/he Who Crafts The Story, Wins.”

Early this month I blogged why storytelling is so effective in business and how to use it to engage with customers and make more sales.

We told how simple storytelling increased the eBay bids on cheap ordinary items by 6395%.

And we covered how there are basically two types of stories in business: The entertaining story that might have little to do with your product, and yet they create clicks and sales…

…and the stories that are custom crafted to your particular business.

Now I want to follow up and tackle this second type of story.

We all love a good story. And as we’ve seen, stories are great for marketing. That’s because stories are the best way to engage your brain, according to neuroscientists.

That’s why if you’re looking for a way to make your marketing more engaging, using a storytelling template is a great place to start. And of all the storytelling templates out there, one of the most popular is the hero’s journey.

The hero’s journey is a template that’s been used for centuries to tell everything from myths to movies including Star Wars. And it’s also a powerful tool for content marketing.

The Hero’s Journey Storytelling Template

Hero Storytelling

The hero’s journey template is all about following a character on a journey. Note that each step corresponds to a different stage in the character’s development.

1: The first step is the “call to adventure.” This is where the character is first introduced to the problem they’re going to have to solve.

2: Next comes the “refusal of the call.” This is where the character tries to resist getting involved in the adventure, but eventually they realize they have to face the problem head on.

3: After that comes the “meeting with the mentor.” This is where the character meets someone who helps them prepare for the challenges ahead.

4: Then comes the “crossing the threshold.” This is when the character finally commits to the adventure and starts taking action.

5: From there, the character faces a series of challenges, which leads to the “climax” of the story. This is the moment when the character overcomes the final obstacle and achieves their goal.

6: Finally, there’s the “return home.” This is where the character comes back changed from their adventure. They may not be the same person they were before, but they’re better for having gone through the journey.

Let’s see how this formula was used in Star Wars:

First you see the main character with a boring, everyday routine. Then they get pulled into conflict reluctantly and fall into the unknown, which is doing something for the first time such as leaving home.

Then everything seems too overwhelming. The main character hits a point of no return where it looks like all they can do is give up.

Against all odds, they choose to go forward. This transforms them into new people – typically Jedi – and they can now accomplish seemingly impossible goals such as blowing up the Death Star.

Finally, the main character returns to a comfortable life with much celebration with their friends.

How might this look in marketing?

Let’s imagine that you teach Facebook advertising, or perhaps you do Facebook advertising for businesses.0

Using the Hero’s Journey as the framework, there are an infinite number of variations to the story you could write. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to do it. Test your story and refine it over time to make it even better.

Hero Story Example

Here’s an example story and notice that some of the Hero’s Journey steps are overlapped.

Bob was shocked. “What do you mean you make back $4 for every dollar you spend on Facebook advertising? I don’t believe it!”

Bob had his own online business, so he wasn’t completely naïve about how things worked. Still, he preferred using ‘free’ methods to drive traffic, which meant putting in long hours for results that might not come.

I showed Bob exactly what I spent and how I earned it back times 4, and after an hour of listening to Bob tell me why it wouldn’t work for his business, he finally agreed to let me do a small series of trial tests for him.

I’ll never forget how he called me numerous times a day for the next few days to see how it was going. Bob thought for sure paid advertising would fail for him, and initially it did. It wasn’t until the fourth try that we began to get it right, and by the seventh try we had it down cold. Bob was earning almost $5 for every dollar he spent on Facebook advertising.

Over the next few weeks we further refined his campaign until he was earning $7.12 for every dollar spent. Skepticism gone, Bob was so thrilled with the results, he brought over a bottle of champaign and we celebrated his good fortune together.

Now Bob spends his time playing golf instead of chasing ‘free’ traffic. His income is three times what it was before we started working together, and he plans to expand his business into related products to further increase his profits.

The hero’s journey is a great way to structure a marketing story because it’s proven to be engaging and effective. And best of all, it’s easy to follow. When you’re looking for a way to take your marketing to the next level, using the hero’s journey template is a great place to start.

But what if you need something a little different?

The Television Sitcom Story Template

The Hero’s Journey is great but it’s not always right for what you want to convey. In those cases, you might want to try a story template that many sitcoms use, and it goes like this:

1: First the main character is in their comfort zone but then they want something.

2: They enter into an unfamiliar/uncomfortable situation but then they begin to grow and adapt.

3: They get what they want but not without having to pay a heavy price for it.

4: And then they return to their familiar situation as a changed person.

Returning back to our earlier example of Facebook advertising:

Bob was working 40-50 hours a week driving ‘free’ traffic to his website through writing content, creating videos, building links and asking other marketers for JV deals. Sure, he was making money, but what he really wanted was to play golf every day.

This is Bob. Don’t be like Bob.

That’s when Bob asked if I could help him. We worked together to convert his business to paid advertising, and at first Bob felt uncomfortable because Facebook advertising was new to him. But I took care of the details, created and tested the campaigns, and when we started to see results Bob was fully onboard with the idea of paying for traffic.

After 6 weeks we had his Facebook campaigns refined to a point where Bob was making $7.12 for every dollar he spent.

And while the process was not cheap, Bob says it’s the best thing he’s ever done for his business and his life. He now plays golf 5 days a week and he’s making plans to expand his business with new products and new markets.

See how easy that is? Mind you, these stories are completely off the top of my head. I’m simply following the outline. When you make your own stories, you’ll want to try them out on people and refine them over time to get it just right.

Finally, I want you to have what I believe is the easiest storytelling template to use in business, and it comes from storytelling masters who have made a lot of money with this exact formula.

Pixar Films Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions Template

One of the best storytellers… Unique, Humorous, Captivating…

This is so simple, it really needs no introduction.

1: Once upon a time, there was…

2: Every day…

3: But one day…

4: Because of that…

5: Because of that…

6: Until finally…

Pixar’s rate of success with this formula is about 94%, which in the film industry is unbeatable.

Ready for an example story? Let’s do it…

Once there was an online business owner named Bob who spent his days and even some of his nights driving ‘free’ traffic to his website.

Every day he worked on link building, SEO, content creation, video creation, courting affiliates and looking for JV deals.

Bob was exhausted, but one day he heard about this guy who was helping businesses to use paid advertising on Facebook to earn at least $3 for every dollar spent.

Bob didn’t think it was possible, but just in case it was he contacted the guy and asked for his help.

Because of that, six weeks later Bob was getting as much traffic from Facebook as he could handle, and every dollar he spent on Facebook advertising was earning him $7.12.

Now Bob was golfing 5 days a week, earning more money than ever.

And he has plans to use his fast growing profits to expand his product line and even venture into new markets.

Again, this is an imaginary business, an imaginary Bob and I made this up off the top of my head.

Imagine how much better you will do when talking about your own business, your own products and your own customers.

Have a conversation with your best customers and take notes. Then plug what they told you into any one of these three formulas and use it as a mini-case study, a testimonial or even the beginning of a sales letter or blog post.

You can also use these stories anyplace you post content, including in videos, articles, podcasts, social media and more.

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Let’s close out with the best storytelling tips I gleaned from storytelling experts:

12 Best Tips for Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions in Business

1. Start with the climax.

This is the most important part of the story, so make sure to start with it. It’ll capture attention and keep people engaged.

2. Make it personal.

Your story should be about you and your experiences. It should be relatable and inspire others.

3. Use concrete details.

Talk about specific times, places, and people in your story. This will make it more interesting and believable.

4. Use strong verbs.

Choose verbs that are descriptive and vivid. This will help paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

5. Use dialogue.

Use quotes from conversations you’ve had or overheard. This will add flavor to your story and make it more realistic.

6. Keep it simple.

Don’t try to cram too much into your story. Stick to the important details and make sure it flows well.

7. Make it intriguing.

Your story should make people want to know more. Leave them wanting more at the end.

8. Be yourself.

Tell your story in your own voice. Be honest and authentic, and people will connect with you.

9. Use body language.

Your body language can convey a lot about how you’re feeling. Use it to emphasize certain parts of your story.

10. Be passionate

Tell your story with conviction and feeling. People will be more likely to believe you and be moved by your story.

11. Tell it like it is.

Don’t try to sugarcoat or hide the ugly parts of your story. Be raw and honest for maximum impact.

12. Have a moral.

Your story should have a point or a moral that you want people to take away from it.

And one last note. Stories are a great way to lead to passive income.


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