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Best Passive Income Model
All 10 funnels are fully automated and integrated . All you have to do is provide traffic. One introduction gets your lead through all 10 funnels. This is huge – my biggest and best earner by far and why I have it at the top of the list! Click Here

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Exclusive Online Resources for all in one platforms
Exclusive Online Resources for All-in-One
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Grow your traffic exponentially using polls. I have had outstanding results growing residual, on-going income and I highly recommend: Click Here

Outstanding, professional course – Beginner Affiliate Training Save $40 with my discount on this professional course, (normally $59). Lectures: 137, 10 total hours, 4.5 Star Rating with 2288 Reviews. Use code “SAVE$40” on checkout. Get 10 hours of lecture for $19. A wealth of information that you can refer to over and over again. Click Here

Keep up with the latest Internet Marketing news with this Monthly Journal: 40+ pages of current, up-to-date pure Internet Marketing content that contains all the Latest News, internet marketing Ideas, Resources, an Epilogue, Feature Length Articles and ADDITIONAL Exclusives. Save 50% with my coupon “HALFOFFMONTHLYZBD2” at checkout. Click Here

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Exclusive Online Resources for BOTS

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Exclusive Online Resources for best affiliate programs

HighLevel – Scale, automate processes, and efficiently run all of your digital marketing with all-in-one platform! A must-review, especially if you’re just starting out. Make sure to check here first before jumping on all those other platforms and save some headache! You can thank me later. Click Here

Exclusive Online Resources for data analysis
HighLevel all-in-one platform includes white label, unlike most other platforms. A great opportunity!

Time Doctor is just what you need to manage, monitor, and schedule your virtual assistants.. I have VA’s in the Philippines, and Time Doctor is all that I have used and needed for 6 years. Click Here for a free trial.

Exclusive Online Resources
Time Management
Virtual Assistant
Time Doctor offers many tools and features for a very affordable price after the free trial.

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Exclusive Online Resources Training
Learn the 10 most common passive income business models… for only $13.50.

My recommended email platform is GetResponse. Over the past 9 years I have used many different platforms and GetResponse is absolutely tops. Especially if your just getting started – Go Free-Forever.

Exclusive Online Resources
Best Email
GetResponse has all the tools and carries a big bang for the buck, including a Free-Forever price option.

Here’s a great high-ticket program that rates really high for me because this program is so simple. All DFY. You provide traffic by sharing videos. Anyone can do it! My wife does this program in her spare time. Check out the free case study. Download Here.

Exclusive Online Resources 
Easiest High Ticket Program
A great home business, and does not require any technical skills! My wife does very well with this program as a part-time gig. She only spends 3-4 hours a week.

More Exclusive Online Resources

Don’t you have any products? I highly recommend product licensing.Save time and headaches, and jumpstart your business. When we started licensing products, we grew 3X. Check it out here, and pick up 2 bonuses with this link.

Exclusive Online Resources and Products
Licensed Products
Product licensing is a great short-cut to acquire quality products in a short time. I highly recommend!

This is a great traffic resource to discover the most effective, time-tested tactics to consistently get your offers in front of as many prospects as possible! And when you use my link, membership access is free (a $27 value). Click Here.

Exclusive Online Resources
Passive Income
Great information! Use my link and access for free! (a $27 savings)

Exclusive Online Resources and Training
Affiliate Marketing Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you suffer from Affiliate Marketing Shiny Object Syndrome? Are there just too many great opportunities out there? Do you just have too much work to get done? Are you overwhelmed?

This free 12-Day Challenge and Training can help!

Affiliate Blueprint – Connecting People with Products

Why Affiliate Marketers Fail

Goal Setting – The Devil is in the Details

Assessing Affiliate Programs to Launch Your Success

Starting off Right by Avoiding the Wrongs

Learn how to turn a $2,000 investment into $10’s of thousands.

Goals + Mindset + Drive + Coaching + Epic Opportunity = Joining the Top 5%

Learn more HERE. This is a free training.

Very highly recommended Best of class, High-Ticket Advertising Program! AdOutreach

Exclusive Online Resources
Get AdOutreach. An outstanding program with HUGE opportunity as Facebook advertising continues to reject your ads.. over and over.

Is Facebook causing your business problems? Are your Facebook ads getting rejected? Join the club.

So I was done. I left high-priced Facebook advertising and found a whole new world that not only allows me to place ads with pin-point accuracy and much less costs, but oh yeah….does NOT GET REJECTED! Forget Facebook.

Leave those high cost, delays, frustrations and anxieties of Facebook rejections behind. I did and I can’t tell you how happy I am. And my bottom line is much better for it!

Join AdOutreach. They have a wide open field with plenty of room to run which is a great opportunity for you. Get in now!

Daily Commissions Blueprint

DFY Plug and Play Money Pages for affiliate marketing

Perfect for Beginners… Zero Tech skills required! If you want to get a big start, start big here!

Affiliate Marketing great for beginners
Perfect for Beginner Affiliate Marketing. Doesn’t get any Easier than this! Discover More Here

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