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How to explode engagement with Survey and Quizzes

Surveys and quizzes can be a very effective way to develop engagement with your readership. Here are 20 of the top survey and quiz tools for engagement.

But before we dive into the top 20 list, let’s talk about why quizzes and surveys can be so effective and how to best utlize them for maximum success.

davesethagency offers tools for engagement
davesethagency offers low cost tools for engagement

Understanding your target audience

Surveys and quizzes can provide valuable insights into your target audience’s preferences, behaviors, and needs. This information can help you create more effective marketing campaigns.

Increase engagement

Surveys and quizzes are interactive and engaging, which can increase the likelihood that people will spend more time on your website or social media channels. This can also help build brand loyalty.

Add Interactive Content Tools for Engagement

Provide valuable feedback

Surveys and quizzes can provide feedback on your products, services, or marketing campaigns. This feedback can help you improve your offerings and better understand your customers’ needs.

5 tips on how to use surveys and quizzes in marketing

1: Define your goals

Before creating a survey or quiz, define your goals. What do you want to learn from your audience? What do you want to achieve with the survey or quiz? Do you want to gather leads? Or just information? This helps you create questions and answers that are relevant and useful.

2: Keep it short

People are often busy so keep your survey or quiz short and to the point to maximize participation.

3: Make it easy to participate

Make it mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

4: Offer an incentive

Offer a discount code, a free product, or entry into a prize draw to increase participation and engagement.

5: Analyze the results

Once you’ve collected responses, analyze the results to gain insights into your target audience. Use this information to improve your marketing campaigns and offerings.

Overall, surveys and quizzes can be powerful marketing tools and great tools for engagement when used effectively.

Vertical Videos are great tools for engagement
Vertical Videos are capturing engagement!

Top 20 Free Surveys And Quizz Tools for Engagement

Formstack – A platform for creating online forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Google Forms – A free tool that allows you to create and share surveys and quizzes.

Kahoot! – A game-based learning platform that can be used for quizzes and surveys.

Lime Survey – A free and open-source survey platform for creating and sharing surveys.

Mentimeter – A tool for creating interactive presentations and polls.

Poll Everywhere – A real-time audience response tool that can be used for surveys and quizzes.

ProProfs Survey Maker – A tool for creating custom surveys, quizzes, and polls.

Qualtrics – A comprehensive survey platform for creating and analyzing surveys.

Question Pro – A platform for creating and distributing surveys and analyzing results.

Quizlet – A tool for creating and sharing quizzes and flashcards.

Snap Surveys – A comprehensive survey tool for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

SoGoSurvey – A platform for creating and distributing surveys and analyzing results.

Survey Anyplace – A tool for creating engaging surveys and quizzes with interactive features.

Survey Gizmo – A tool for creating and distributing surveys and analyzing results.

Survey Legend – A tool for creating and sharing mobile-friendly surveys and quizzes.

SurveyMonkey – A popular online survey tool for creating and distributing surveys.

Survey Nuts – A free tool for creating and sharing online surveys.

Survey Planet – A free tool for creating and sharing surveys and quizzes.

Typeform – A user-friendly platform for creating engaging surveys, forms, and quizzes.

Zoho Survey – A platform for creating and analyzing surveys.

My Top Tool for Engagement

These top 20 all have some ability to utilitize for free, at least to some extent. However, it doesn’t take a large investment to take a large leap forward in engagement capabilities. Enter Viral Leads System. This is a cloud based app that allows full control in creating quizzes and contests, that simply by it’s creation, is virally shared by the participants.

Points are scored by completing tasks or sharing with others. Vistors complete tasks and shares to gain points to win your contest. They become your best ambassadors simply to gain points. It’s addicting!

Viral Leads is my top tool for engagement
Participants score points by completeing tasks

As the creator of the contest or quiz, you have full control of custom design to meet your needs. An easy customized set up that you determine includes

  • the type of game, quiz or contest
  • dates to run, (i.e. how long)
  • which media platforms, (run all if you want)
  • and the number of points you want to reward for each action
Viral leads leverages a range of tools for engagement
Viral Leads System allows for full customization and optionality for each event

Viral Leads integrates with your autoresponder, and you can integrate with a variety of marketing apps with Zapier. So a big benefit is that you get contact information from any participants!  API is used to verify actions and get higher quality social media followers with real engagement.

Although Viral Leads is not free, it is relatively inexpensive. Given its extensive functionality, and ability to customize to meet any needs or niche, plus the viral sharing aspect, Viral Leads is my #1 pick as the best tool for engagement. Because it is not free, I did not include it in the orginal 20 list above.

Now let’s close-out with some strategies to maximize success.

The “P Strategies” for quizzes and surveys

Lastly, follow these three “P” strategies to be successful with tools or quizzes to engage readers.

Personalize the experience: One effective strategy to engage readers with quizzes and tools is to personalize the experience. Tailor your questions and results to the interests and preferences of your target audience. Use data and insights you’ve collected about your audience to create quizzes and tools that are relevant and interesting to them. Personalization can increase engagement and encourage readers to share their results with others.

Sqribble is a top tool for engagement!
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Promote your quizzes and tools: Creating great quizzes and tools is only half the battle. You also need to promote them effectively. Use social media, email, and other channels to share your quizzes and tools with your audience. Consider partnering with other websites or influencers to increase visibility and reach. Make sure you include clear calls-to-action to encourage readers to participate.

Performance is the gold nugget. To be successful with quizzes and tools, you need to analyze their performance and optimize them for better engagement. Use analytics tools to track participation rates, completion rates, and other metrics. Look for patterns and trends that can help you improve your quizzes and tools. For example, if you notice that a particular type of question is getting more engagement, consider creating more quizzes or tools around that topic. Continuously refining and optimizing your quizzes and tools can help you maintain engagement and build a loyal following.

That’s all for this time. I hope this finds you well and you are diligently working toward your own success as you have defined it. Take care until next time.



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