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A Comprehensive Blueprint: How To Make Passive Income Streams

Passive income streams are only limited by the “now.” Once in place, everything is smooth sailing. A comprehensive blueprint: how to make passive income stream

There’s nothing better than passive income. Once you build your income streams, they can go on for months and months. And when done right, these channels can continue to make you money for years to come. Passive income streams are your doorway to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine just how much a solid and reliable source of passive income could ultimately change your life. Start out with a couple $1,000 extra on autopilot per month… then grow from there.

You’d finally be able to live the dream lifestyle where you can enjoy time with family and friends while maintaining a viable and consistent source of income.

Secure the lifestyle you want with Passive Income Streams
Secure the lifestyle you want with Passive Income Streams

Exciting, right? 

So, the next question on your mind is…

How can I start building residual, ongoing, passive income streams?

That’s what this blueprint is all about.

I’ll show you exactly how you can start generating passive income from some of the best hands-free money-making opportunities. 

These passive income streams are based on proven, working strategies that have been responsible for generating thousands of dollars a month.  

Stick with me. I’ll lead you through a lot of different models and options and provide some shortcuts, tips and tricks along the way.

So, without further delay, let’s begin!

Let’s jump right into it by taking a closer look at two of the easiest ways of creating passive income online.

Passive Income Streams #1: Membership Sites

Passive Income from Membership Sites
Memberships are the #1 Passive Income Model

I know what you’re probably thinking…

Membership sites require monthly updates so how can it truly be a source of passive income?

The truth is, there are several different strategies that you do to minimize your workload. 1st, you can create all the content upfront and then drip-feed it to your members so that they are given access to new material every 30 days.  

Sure, you’ll spend some time upfront getting the membership site ready and creating enough content to sustain members for several months, but once you have laid out the groundwork it can run on almost complete autopilot. 

Then you can spend whatever time you wish working on new content for a future update.

Fresh Content Cycle

Membership sites can also be set up where it simply provides access to fresh content on a limited cycle, such as a 6-month membership site that ends with a final update.

For example, a subscriber would join and be able to access content from month 1. Perhaps this is a series of eBooks, or video training. 

Then, that subscriber would then pay for access to the second month’s content. Their member’s area would automatically update to include the next month’s content and so on.

By the end of the membership cycle (month 6, in this example), they would pay one final time to receive access to the remaining training tools. Then once that final month has been billed, no further content is provided and billing ends.

The 2nd strategy is to create an autopilot site.

There are many ways to create membership sites that can run on autopilot, and that require very little work. It’s entirely up to you how much time you spend on your website and whether you decide to create most content upfront and limit its cycle, or develop a continuity website that needs regular updates.  Or create a site that is 90% autopilot. Once it is set up, you just direct traffic to get new leads to sign up.

Overcoming Barriers

Most people don’t have the time or money to set up a membership site. And quite frankly, it takes a ton of work that requires a lot of different skill sets. So although setting up your own membership site is something some can achieve, this is generally the main barrier for entry into this market. And the barriers are just that much larger if you’re just starting out and new to online marketing.

But the good news is there are some great options to help you get around these roadblocks. Here are some options that I personally have had great experience with.

Save yourself time, money and headaches by purchasing pre-made membership sites that are ready to go.  Go with a reseller option.

The membership reseller option

Here, you can access any of these membership sites at no cost. The 1st level of courses are free for you to use and learn. Then there are additional courses offered as well as a reseller option. The reseller option lets you purchase the rights to brand and sell the site as your own. So with very minimal set up, the site will be branded for you. Within days, you are set up with your own membership site to market to your customers.

Then you just direct traffic to your free membership site, (i.e. the top of your funnel). When a new lead signs up, you grow your list by giving away free membership back to the top of your sales funnel.

This is an ingenious business model! It is easy and fast. Have your site set up and running in a matter of days. And now you can rake in passive income 24x7x365 with your own branded membership site. See the membership sites HERE.

A New Membership Site Option

Another great way to launch a membership site, is Groove.

Now when it comes to building a membership site, the “All-in-one” site Groove has got everything you need. A single platform will help avoid having all those other different platforms and headaches. They have everything you need for your membership site, including email, membership CMS, marketing, website, blogging, video, social media management, and much, much more….. all in this single platform. You’ll find great tutorials there as well. Right now they have special offers ranging from a huge free package, all the way up to one single payment for a full lifetime subscription.  Unlimited emails, pages, custom domains, integrations, ecommerce stores, and more. This is really a powerful platform that you must check out. – See all of Groove’s moves here.

Now to be clear, starting a new membership site will take time. This option has plenty of obvious benefits in setting up the ideal business membership model. However it will not be as fast, or easy as simply purchasing a reseller membership site as reviewed above. But Groove is the business platform that you should ultimately shoot for to create a wholistic membership site, website and blog to develop your own business model. 

So here is my recommendation.

Pick up a few of the membership reseller options first, as a “fast start”. This will allow you to begin operating a membership site and collecting revenues in a matter of days. This is the quickest model to go from 0-60 in no time. Then, once you have your feet on the ground and some cash coming in, begin your full business build out on Groove. Groove is an incredible platform and you will have everything you need to establish a full blown passive income monster.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a 7 or 8-figure passive income empire. It takes time and diligence. It will take time to strategize, develop and execute a plan; therefore get some cash flows coming in to help you along the way. Pick up some membership reseller packages first, then begin your full business build out on Groove. Utilizing both of these options will get you up and running fast with the reseller sites. Then reinvest the income to build up an incredible membership model on Groove and develop a passive income empire that will last a lifetime!

Honestly, this recommended plan is your basis to develop your own passive income empire to last a lifetime! The following strategies, tips and tricks can be incorporated as “best fit” to your niche, personal interest and desires and incorporated into your business model.

Passive Income Streams #2: Amazon KDP

One of the easiest ways to generate passive income is by publishing books on Amazon. This is something anyone can do even if you’re not a prolific writer.

In fact, you can easily outsource a combination of low content books as well as Kindle based fiction or nonfiction content and then publish them instantly on Amazon KDP.

Self-publishing is a powerful, yet simple way to start building income on total autopilot. Once you’ve published your books and created an optimized book page that drives in readers, you can virtually set and forget your listings and they’ll continue to generate royalty checks every single month.

If you aren’t familiar with what low content books are, think about journals, planners and organizers. Journals are extremely popular in countless niche markets and very easy to create. In fact, you could have hundreds of low content books published in a matter of days with very little upfront costs involved.

With a little creativity, you can produce multiple books common themes within your niche and then sell bundles. This is a great way to market books.

Create book A and book B. That gives you 2 listings for sale. Now bundle the two books together for a 3rd listing. Often, the book bundle sells better than the individual books.

Book Creation Options

The best proven way to create profitable low content books, that is fast, efficient and effective is Sqribble. This is the next generation of eBook design and creation technology at your fingertips. You can create stunning eBooks that look awesome, with instant content, in just minutes! I have used Sqribble and they have made some new updates that have made it even better. Go here for the 7 day trial. Try it out and if you like it, buy it for a one-time price, which is less than you spend on a meal for your family. You will make the cost back with your first book or lead magnet sell your products. Sqribble is a great program to repurpose your work into different formats. It’s a work smarter, not harder program.

Of course, the other option is to outsource. Regardless what genre you’re interested in, you can quickly find qualified and seasoned writers on marketplaces like UpWork  and Fiver.

Start by providing writers with a smaller task, perhaps a 5k word short book to gauge their quality and reliability. Provide an outline and have them write a chapter. If they pass the test, hire them to write the entire book. 

There are countless tools available to self-published authors to help maximize exposure so that you can build a truly passive income channel, but did you know that your Amazon author central page is one of the most valuable marketing tools of all?

With an optimized Author Central account, you’ll be able to:

• Track your book sales.

• Read and respond to book reviews.

• Allow readers to follow you on Amazon.

• Add an Editorial Reviews section to your books.

Create Your Author Central Account

Before you can create your Author Central account, you’ll need to have at least one published book on Amazon.  Once you do, head on over to authorcentral.amazon.com to learn more and set up your free account.

When it comes to maximizing your income with KDP, you’ll want to publish books frequently so work on creating a team that consists of your writers, an editor, and a cover designer.

If you really want to automate the entire process, you could also hire a virtual assistant who will collect the material from the rest of the team and publish your books via your KDP account.

Otherwise, once you have a team in place, you’ll be able to continuously publish new stories while spending very little time on your business.

The first is always the hardest

The first book is always the hardest, because it is new. But once you have gone through it and learn the ropes, then it is a cookie cutter kind of thing to repeat.

In fact, other than publishing new books and checking your royalty payments, you just need to market your books. Amazon will do a great job of attracting readers and funneling buyers onto your book pages.

If you just want to create books, then your good to go with a bit of marketing and branding. However marketers will create books and use them as part of a grander business model. For example, creating short ebooks make great lead magnets to promote affiliate products or your own products. Or perhaps intertwine with learning courses, or coaching, or whatever your business model is.

Benefits of creating your own product

There are several big benefits in crating your own content. First it is unique and sets you apart from others. Make sure it is of good quality and well done. Second, is flexibility to be strategic. Since your creating your own, you can create whatever works to fit a strategic need. For example, let’s say you sleuth out a weaknesses or void in someone else’s funnel or offering. Perhaps customer reviews pointed out something that you could create. Or perhaps you just have a great idea of how something could be added to an already great product out there and you can join the party and generate sales for yourself by creating and adding to the package.

All of these strategies are great for your own brand creation and standing out from others.

And of course I shouldn’t have to remind you. Once a book is created, it can make passive revenue for years to come. Always focus on “evergreen” content to the best extent possible, so that it doesn’t go out of date or stale.

Passive Income Streams

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic passive income opportunity because there are a ton of opportunities. And the biggest benefit with Affiliate marketing, is that you don’t own the products and have all the other headaches like you do with other online businesses.

Now it does take some time to get established.  Make a plan that includes your goals, desired niche, type of products you will sell, and options for the ways you desire to market. Don’t get overwhelmed. Be patient and systematic about the process. Be realistic and continue with steady, consistent diligence to putting together your program to build your passive income empire.

One of the main ways to market is through your email list. There are several easy ways to get started even if you’re a total beginner.

Here are the 3 simple steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Step 1: List Building

Step 2: Tribe Growth

Step 3:  Promote Offers

Let’s take a closer look at each passive income streams step.

Step #1: List building to passive income streams

This is a vital component to affiliate marketing because your list will be your primary source of traffic. It’s also a cost-effective method of marketing to a targeted group of buyers. You’ll never make as much money without a list and you’ll struggle to automate your business without this essential tool.

To begin, you’ll need a mailing list provider. Here are two of my preferred providers.

GetResponse  >> http://www.GetResponse.com 

Aweber >> http://www.Aweber.com.

I use both GetResponse and Aweber. Both are very good platforms. I am super impressed with GetResponse and their upgrades and additional features over the years. GetResonse is nearing an All-in-One type of platform.

If your interested in an All-in-One platform, I highly recommend Groove. I will be talking more about Groove’s incredible platform latter.

When it comes to driving traffic to your squeeze page and start building your lists, you can do this in several ways.

Ways to Build Your Traffic for Passive Income Streams:

Social Marketing

This includes Facebook ads, boosted posts, Pinterest paid promotions or Instagram ads. And then there is also TikTok, Twitter and Whatsapp. LinkedIn has recently made changes that are more focused on marketing as well so they are growing their presence in online marketing.

Social marketing can be time consuming and if you haven’t done it before it also carries a bit of a learning curve in order to figure out the best kinds of ads for each community, as well as how to maximize exposure.

One of the leading social media management platforms is Crowdfire.

Not required, but…

This is another one of those applications that are not required, so if your just starting out and pinching pennies until cashflow grows, you can manage some social media manually. BUT your are really only skimming the surface and can’t even come near what you can do with Crowdfire. What a huge time saver, which is efficient, effective and professional.

Exponential benefits

As I noted, we all start of with manual processes to begin with. This saves money, and provides a valuable learn basis for us. However there is absolutely no way you can invest the amount of time to manually perform social media management to the extent of what is possible with and automated, single platform. So when you are able to make the change, the benefits will be exponential.

In my opinion, social media management is a must in today’s world of online marketing. And Crowdfire has served me extremely well.  Whether you use Crowdfire or any other platform, you need to strongly consider automating social media management if you desire to join the 7 and 8-figure top tier marketers. Check it out HERE.

Make Passive Income Streams through  Social Media
Make Passive Income Streams by Leveraging Social Media

And as always, outsourcing is an option. You can easily hire a social media manager on sites like Fiver, or hire a virtual assistant who will take care of a variety of tasks for you including updating websites, and helping you grow your tribe.

Solo Ads

This essentially involves paying someone to mail their list about your offers to drive traffic to your squeeze page.  

You can purchase quality Solo ads on Udimi. They are my primary “go to” for solo ads. Be selective and take your time in finding a seller. Review all their stats and recommendations. Always start small to test and ALWAYS track your ads so you know the results. That includes opt-in and sales. Remember that you are ultimately buying opt-ins and growing your list. Even if you do not get many, or any sales, you now have them on your list. You can then send them offers anytime in the future. This is a numbers game. You must always continue to build your list. It’s difficult to get much traction when using your email list for sales if you don’t have a large list. Once you start getting numbers into the thousands, your sales will follow. Even better, tens of thousands per list!

Another Solo option

I have also used another Solo ad option that is a wholesale solo provider. Find a focus on MMO, which can include a whole host of affiliate marketing, cost per lead, (CPL), cost per action (CPA), and others. You can purchase through wholesale at a lower cost, especially with the larger quantities. I want to reiterate that you always monitor and test the performance of any ad campaigns, (solos or otherwise) with tracking. It is vitally important to measure performance and find what works for you.

Solo ads are unique in that you need to find the right seller list that fits your niche and offering. Work with the seller and discuss your offering and the various lists that they have. They can likely help target you to a “best” opportunity. And just because you don’t make sales with one, doesn’t necessarily mean they are not a good seller. I typically try 2 runs with each seller. Test, track and then, once you find acceptable results, you scale up. I use Improvely due to their excellent tracking and reporting. Plus you’re getting a great value for the price.

PPC Conversion Tracking & Click Fraud Auditing

Cost per Action

I touched on CPL and CPA marketing as well. This is another great passive income model. I could dedicate a whole article or book just on this model.  However, like many other models and strategies, the “cost per” model is equally challenging to get a good, meaningful start, in which you are making much progress.

By all means, certainly get out there and try things to see what works. I did the “cost per” as a side, or add-on to my other marketing platforms and activities just to learn and diversify. But I didn’t have a lot of success until I found a system and platform that worked well. I use Effortless CPA. There are a number of affiliate programs for CPA out there. I settled on Effortless CPA due to their extensive program, yet it’s simple to do. They also have a single lifetime payment option avaialbe. Check out Effortless CPA, and do your own research to find what works for you.  If you desire to build a long-term passive income, CPA should be incorporated into any passive income business model.  And be patient, it does take time to build and grow; but certainly, well worth it!

Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are another option that are often a very cost effective, fast way of building a list.  This involves finding a partner to swap ads on each other’s mailing lists. So you provide a swipe of your offer to your partner to send out in their list, and vice versa. Of course you’ll want to utilize specific tracking to measure performance. It is important to take time to find the right partner. Make sure your lists and niche are compatible, so your offers are well received. Ensure you share performance information about your lists, so you have relatively the same performance. It takes time and effort to set up an ad swap, however the benefits are compelling.

One location that you can search for partners is at https://www.safe-swaps.com/.  If possible, use any of your relationships with fellow marketers and inquire of them if they have interest or any contacts. They may be able to introduce you to someone that may be a good fit and partner for your program or offering. And once you find and nurture a good relationship, a good partner can last for years and many ad swaps.


You could reach a wide audience of targeted buyers just by creating a high quality short report on a hot niche market and giving it away through a campaign on http://www.WarriorPlus.com 

Giveaways are an easy way to build a list at very little cost while simultaneously building your brand.  But just remember, and this is important! Make sure you are giving away quality content. Make sure it is something of value! If you give away a crappie freebie, your new lead will likely leave your list, or never trust to purchase anything from you. Either way, don’t harm the relationship.

You could also run a similar offer through the marketplace of affiliates and buyers, at http://www.JVZoo.com 

There are many ways to go about growing your list. Here is a free guide called “101 ways to grow your list without spending a penny on ads”. It’s a good resource with a lot, (101) of ideas. And it’s free.

Click Here

Step #2: growing your tribe to make passive income streams 

This begins with providing them with incentive to join your list. As previously discussed, you can grow your list through opt-ins with paid traffic, or by giving away something for free.

When you create some sort of lead magnet—a giveaway to entice people to subscribe to your email list—and a squeeze page with your opt-in box that allows people to enter their name and email address to subscribe to your list.

Jumpstarting your email campaigns

Consider jump starting your email campaigns with Email Dyno. This outstanding software platform puts pizazz into your emails, driving exceptional readership, interaction and overall results, Email Dyno includes timers, dynamic surveys and ratings, personalized images, video overlays, and more. And the best part of it is I have a backdoor offer for 80% off for life HERE. Check it out. This is an outstanding value. The additional touch you create will set you apart from the competition and your results will show.

An incentive offer is basically just a giveaway that entices visitors into subscribing to your list to gain access to more information. 

Giveaways could include anything from short reports, reviews, checklists, or a host of any other forms or content that offers value. Many repurpose PLR content.  This offers advantages of

  • Renaming the product.
  • Repackaging with various content into one bundle or course.
  • Adding your own content.
  • Repurposing the content in video, audio, slide or other formats.

No products? No problem!

Many marketers really struggle with starting off and not having products, or struggle to find high-quality products. A great provider that I have used is Nick James’ “Product Licensing Formula”. Nick does a phenomenal job of providing high quality content in a complete done for you package. He has even gone to the extent of setting up a WordPress plugin that your able to input your personal information into to brand the entire product and sales funnel in a few simple steps. This is a great value, and you can have many high-quality products in just a few hours. Talk about a major shortcut with high-quality products!

Lead pages made easy!

A fantastic resource that handles everything from list building and lead pages to helping you build a profitable funnel that can run on autopilot is Groove. This amazing All-in-One platform is a monster! And you can subscribe for free and get a ton of features and resources.  

There are some great opportunities out there. Continue to do your own due diligence to find what meets your needs and best fits your business niche, model, and strategies.

As long as what your offering is relevant to your target market, and is as unique and high quality as possible, your squeeze page should do its job of converting visitors into active subscribers. 

And finally, it’s time to make money by promoting high-quality products that you believe your subscribers will appreciate.  

Finding the right affiliate program for passive income streams

You can find products on many different marketplaces, but if you’re looking for instant commissions instead of having to wait for payments you’ll want to create accounts at:

Both JVZoo and WarriorPlus provide the opportunity to generate commission payments every time someone purchases through your affiliate link. 

Keep in mind that when just starting out, if you don’t have a track record of sales, some vendors may choose to hold your commission payments for 30-45 days.

Once you start selling and have proven that you’re able to generate sales while keeping refunds down, you’ll find it easier to get approved for promotions and payment of commissions.

Explode Conversions

When it comes to maximizing your income with affiliate marketing, the key is to offer a bonus – something extra – that adds instant value to a purchase. That way, subscribers are more likely to purchase through your link than through a competitor who isn’t offering anything more. 

In affiliate marketing, the strategy of offering bonuses is used all the time.  Affiliates will package up auxiliary components and other tools that are relevant to the products they are promoting, and then present it to potential customers as a way of standing apart from other marketers.

And there is no shortage of bonus content and product ideas you can create for virtually any type of affiliate campaign or niche market.

Fill a void

Simply find a missing link in the product and create a bonus product around fulfilling that need or extending the value of the product in some way.

Your bonus offer also needs to be either exclusive, limited or both. In many cases, your bonus offer will be the driving force behind whether a potential customer chooses to purchase the product through your affiliate link, or someone else’s.

It’s also very important to use strong ‘urgency motivators’ with every bonus offer. If people feel that there’s no rush, chances are they’ll continue looking around for a better offer, so make sure your bonus stands out.

So, how can you set up and manage bonus offers like this? 

Managing Bonuses for Passive Income Streams

You could manually set up download pages and track affiliates, OR you could make it easier and use a product like www.CommissionGorilla.com that simplifies the entire process. 

I used to manage all the bonuses manually. But trust me, it is so time consuming when you have a ton of things to do and no time to get them all done. CommissionGorilla makes it fast, easy and efficient, Not only can you create landing and review pages but you can set up bonus products for just about any type of offer. Plus, they even give you some free bonus packages that you can slap your name on and use immediately.  

Here are a few other trusted affiliate networks worth exploring:

Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate)

>> http://www.CommissionJunction.com 

Otherwise known as “CJ.com”, Commission Junction has been around for many years and is known to pay on time and provide unbeatable support.  They feature hundreds of merchants across the board and regardless of the niche market or subject you are interested in promoting, they are bound to have a few lucrative choices from within their directory.

Share A Sale

>> http://www.ShareASale.com. 

ShareASale handles all payments on behalf of the merchants and offers thousands of products to promote.

Rakuten Marketing 

>> https://www.rakutenmarketing.com/affiliate  

Rakuten Marketing is an ever-growing affiliate marketplace and with it comes a great variety of lucrative and high paying affiliate opportunities.


>> http://www.ClickBank.com 

ClickBank is an internet retailer of top quality lifestyle products allowing manufacturers to sell their products & digital marketers to promote them. They’ve been online for more than 18 years.
Amazon Affiliate Program

>> https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/welcome 

The affiliate program is called “Amazon Associates Program”.  Easy to get started, very intuitive and unlimited products to promote ranging from low-end to very high cost.

Authority Passive Income Streams

Authority Passive Income is basically just positioning yourself as the authority, and marketing accordingly.

There are 2 main steps involved in building an authority niche website:

Create a unique brand. 

This involves everything from a catchy logo or catchphrase, setting up a blog using WordPress, and deciding on your website’s theme and voice.

Don’t rule out using your own name. A lot of people don’t really like that idea, because after all, you aren’t famous right?

Well, maybe not now, but if you do a good job of building your brand, you can become more well known. There are a ton of well-known marketers and influencers out there that have their name in their site URL. “It’s unique and just naturally easier to build upon” says I, (Dave from davesethonline.com/blog)

Create outstanding content. 

Authority blogs are known for high-quality, informative and well-written content that is unique and full of thoughtful, useful information.  There are a ton of places that you can get ideas and information for content creation. I have wrote several articles and blogs about this in the past. As an example of have blogged about incorporating storytelling, HERE. And on other’s blogs, or social media platforms. Or on something as specific as calendar dates. Or even just a blog about killer content to double your subscribers.


I won’t be belabor the point. There is so much to write about, that the hardest part is staying on focus and true to your niche, tribe and what they want or need to stay engaged. What is the best way that you can provide value to them? This is one of my downfalls. For those who follow me, this is the point in time where I shout “squirrel”!

Don't let distractions divert you from making your passive income streams
Don’t let distractions divert you from making your passive income streams

I am too easily distracted. If you try to be everything to everybody, then you’re spread so thin that you become washed out and diluted. And your value offering falls.  So have a strategy in place. Follow your business plan and stay on course.

Now if you don’t plan to write the content yourself, then you’ll want to look for seasoned ghostwriters in your specific niche. That ensures they have experience and first-hand knowledge of the topics. And don’t think that you will be getting out of all of the work by outsourcing. In order to preserve quality, you will need to provide very clear direction, with a lot of interaction and review along the way. It will save you time, but benefits will also be offset by the additional costs.

But everyone must find their own balance and what works for them. There are some very good outsource resources avaialbe once you have found and establish a relationship.

Speaking to distractions, let’s get back to the content.

Three Content Rules

You always want to have content that does 3 very important things:

Connect with your readers.  Your content needs to resonate with your audience so they begin to see you as an authority or expert on the topic. This means that your content needs to be well-researched, actionable and comprehensive.

Persuades your readers.  Your writing needs to motivate them into taking action, even if that action simply involves returning to your website again. In order to persuade readers, you need to earn their trust and convince them, through your content, that you are an expert on the topic.

Excites your readers.   Your content should be something your readers want to share with their friends and family. This means that you need to deliver content that is different from other blogs, whether that is by offering a fresh perspective, or simply a unique angle.

Identifying your content’s objective before you start writing is extremely important and will ensure that your material is direct, informative and hits the target. 

Once you know what your objective is, concentrate on conveying your message in a concise, direct manner. Don’t get wordy!  Develop content that people will want to share because it speaks to them, communicates a positive message that supports your brand and demonstrates your knowledge on the topic.  

You also want to make sure your content is fully optimized for the search engines so that you’re able to drive targeted traffic to your site automatically.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to incorporate relevant keywords into your content as well as blog titles.

Mangools is great resource for finding keywords to rank well. They have great tutorials and insights on how to efficiently use their tools for optimal results. They have a ton of tools for SEO, websites, traffic, blogging and articles and more.

Inject traffic into your website.

You can do this several ways, including via automated marketing campaigns like Facebook ads.

While there’s a bit of a learning curve involved in creating effective advertising campaigns, if you truly want to minimize how much time you spend on it, you could outsource all the marketing to PR experts.

Here again, Mangools steps up and makes it easy to research your competition, pinpoint influential blogs, and reveal their traffic sources. You can do this with any website. Check out their free trial period here 

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when building an authority site is deciding on your niche market and the scope of your content. It’s important to narrow down your focus so that you’re able to attract a very specific market and then provide them with the kind of information they’re looking for.

If you attempt to create an authority blog that includes a wide variety of content from several different niche markets, chances are you’ll confuse your visitors and convolute your brand. So, begin by focusing on a single evergreen niche and then expand. 

Check for Profitability

One of the easiest ways to check for profitability of an information-based niche is to check sites like Amazon for things such as:

•        Books on the topic

•        Magazines on the topic

•        DVDs on the topic

•        Book rankings which will indicate popularity

•        Bestsellers lists

You want to see a lot of different books and products in your chosen category, and then analyze rankings to determine whether they are profitable, as well as how easy it would be for you to break into that market.

Ultimately, the best passive income streams niches are evergreen:

•        Unlimited products to promote.

•        High demand and constant growth.

•        A large, existing customer base.

•        Lots of existing websites, products, and forums.

•        And above all else, competition!

It’s always best to focus on a niche that has already proven to be popular and profitable.  Don’t be afraid of competition, it’s a sign that the niche is viable and worth pursuing. Some SEO recommendation suggest that you want to find more of a happy medium for keywords that have a medium level of competition so there is opportunity to rank and compete. The very high competition words and long-tail words are dominated by the well-established 500lb gorillas in the room. Your success rate with those will be minimal.

Building a profitable authority niche site will take time. You’ll want to outsource (or write) enough content to feed your blog for months to come while always optimizing your content for the search engines.

The key to success with authority blogs is to be consistent.

All of this is very time consuming and there are only so many hours in a day. So you may want to consider hiring someone to maintain the website, publish fresh content on a regular basis, respond to comments, update plugins and help keep your site progressing.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that this special report has shown you that creating passive income streams isn’t as difficult as you may have first thought.  Yes, there is a lot of work. But then again, there is a lot of work to become a doctor, or lawyer, or accountant. There is a lot of education time and expense. So why would building a 6, 7 or even 8-figure passive income stream be different. In fact, I would argue that for some, building a large passive income stream is easier.

So let’s keep it all in perspective. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work. It’s like an uphill climb on your bike. But soon the slope won’t be so steep. And then, eventually, you can see the top. And once you reach the top, the coasting sets you free.

Regardless of your experience or skill, with passive income streams, you really can enjoy the kind of flexible lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Diligence and Persistence Pays Off for Passive Income Streams

While you’ll have to spend some time upfront building your business and launching your offers, it is well worth it. Don’t try to recreate the wheel. Learn from others. Do your research and purchase tools, programs and systems that make it easy. Work smarter, not harder. I tried to do so many things manually.  Although that was a good learning process, and saved me some bucks, it really held me back for a long time. It takes tools, platforms and the right programs to really give you the boost you need to take off. And rely on others as well.

And with some prudent decisions, and hard work upfront, someday you’ll be able to set it all on autopilot while you spend your time enjoying life.

If you’re interested in finding other ways to build profitable businesses that are designed to generate passive income for years to come, you’ll want to take a look at at these membership sites at davesethonline.com.  

Each of these sites have reseller options, which mean that they are set up to rebrand for you to sell as your very own. The entire funnels including delivery, branding, customer service and all the details, are managed for you.  You can be up and running in just days with your very own membership sites. Then promote your sites for free to build your own passive income stream. This is a proven business model that works extremely well.

Take Action Now

So I feel this needs to be reiterated. With some prudent decisions, and hard work upfront, someday you’ll be able to set it all on autopilot while you spend your time enjoying life.

The time is now. Now that you know how to make passive income streams, take action. Work now and set yourself up for that lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. It is within reach; you just have to grab it!

To your success,


davesethonline.com/blog  online resourcesmemberships 12-day training

updated 2/15/2023

How online marketing is being transformed by AI

Is today’s AI really artificial intelligence…or just a clever parrot? Online marketing is being transformed by AI at an exponential pace.

  • Do we need to fear the robots taking over the decision-making aspects of our lives and creating a “Terminator” scenario?
  • Can AI really think like a human, yet?
  • The answers may shock you based on all the hype about AI and ChatGPT

Get the whole story here…

Online marketing is being transformed by GPT AI

In case nobody has explained it to you, the GPT in Chat GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” and is a type of AI that uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate human-like text.

It is based on an algorithm that uses a large dataset of text (Large Language Learning Models – LLLM) to learn how to write similar sentences. GPT AI is typically used to generate natural language text from a prompt, such as a headline or a sentence.

Key point: This type of AI is focused on mimicking language patterns and does not actually think.

It’s a very expensive parrot. That’s not a bad thing and not a negative judgement about GPT… it just is what it is.

General Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the other hand, is a type of AI that is programmed to think and reason like a human. This type of AI is capable of learning from its environment and experiences. It can make decisions based on its understanding of the dataset it’s analyzed.

This type of AI requires a larger set of data and more complex algorithms to learn from.

Key point: This is the type of AI you should be VERY afraid of.

Both GPT AI and General AI have made considerable advances in recent years. GPT AI has been used to generate human-like text, which is useful for tasks such as those performed by Chat GPT.

General AI has been used to create machines that can play video games, and even beat the world’s best chess players.

Coming Advancements

In the next five years, GPT AI is likely to become even more advanced, with the potential to generate text that is completely indistinguishable from human writing.

This should give 11th grade English teachers around the world hair-pulling fits of rage as to whether Little Johnny is a genius… or a dirty little cheater with a Chatbot in his pocket.

By the way, there’s an easy way to solve this problem in education. Have the kids write essays out by hand in the classroom with no technology in hand. Teach them… don’t just plug them into tech and expect the tech to raise them.

Kinda brings back memories of blue book exams in college… but I digress.

General AI will continue to progress, with the potential to become even more intelligent and capable of performing tasks that were previously thought to be impossible…. Which should scare the CRAP out of you!

Here are few specific examples of where I think both types of AI are going in the next few years (just as a heads up).

1. Automated content creation for websites and blogs will continue at an exponential pace. Entrepreneurs will transform from copy and content creators to content curators, simply because they can quickly and easily create content that is both engaging and high quality.

2. Automated customer support. GPT AI can be used to create automated customer support bots that can answer questions and provide support in a natural language that will eliminate the need for front line customer support personnel. Though automated customer support bots suck right now, they’ll get better fast!

Online marketing is being transformed

3. Summary functions. As the avalanche of human and machine generated content continues, GPT can be used to process large amounts of content and generate custom summaries of news articles and more. It’ll function like the old news clipping services, only faster and much more customized.

General AI In The Next 5 Years:

(I’ll let the AI tell you itself where things are going – here it is with zero editing)

1. Automated marketing automation. General AI can be used to analyze customer data and create targeted campaigns for specific customers.

2. Automated data analysis. General AI can be used to analyze large datasets and find patterns and correlations that would be difficult for humans to find.

3. Automated decision-making. General AI can be used to make decisions based on its understanding of the data it has been given. This can be used to automate decision-making processes, such as in finance or healthcare.

Okay, it’s me again… a human writing.

That last one should scare the crap out of you! I don’t want AI making financial or healthcare decisions for me… heck no!

So, there you have it, the lowdown on both types of AI, with a future projection of how it impacts you as an entrepreneur, author, content creator or professional.

There are a lot of great applications and programs out there right now using AI. Certainly far too many to cover much in detail. Here are a few that I am aware of that have made great strides due to recent advancements in AI.

Chat Bots are growing more popular, and better quality with more recent AI improvements. I’ve blogged in recently about Ryan Robinson’s blog and his use of AI to develop blog headlines and keyword search using AI. These AI tools are on his blog site and absolutely free to use. I find them very helpful.

BotBuilders ChatBot has advanced AI improvements and has to be one of the easiest ChatBot programs available. BotBuilders generate leads, increase sales and improve support… without the headache. And they are used by some of the biggest players in the industry. Watch their impressive videos, and access useful free resources. Link HERE to BotBuilders.

ConversioBot has also recently undergone new upgrades using new AI Bot Code with recent advancements in AI to grow leads, sales and interaction. The quality of chatbots has grown exponentially in the recent months and will quickly merge into a majority of websites in the near future.

Lastly, High Ticket AI has developed a system utilizing AI specifically targeted to high-ticket affiliate marketing. You can go HERE to see a video of High Ticket AI. This is a very interesting program and use of AI. I highlight it simply because it is a great example of specific niche type opportunities you will be seeing sprouting up everywhere.

So it appears there will be a ton of opportunities for your to become more educated about GPT, and get involved to stake your claim of the soon to be many more millions in sales. The only thing that is content is change. And the AI change is so exponential right now that I don’t think we even have a good feel for how quickly or how much change will take place within the next year, or certainly two years.

Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

To your success,


davesethonline.com/blog, Online ResourcesLearningMemberships

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Stay in the know with Internet Marketing News

Internet marketing is hard. You need knowledge in a plethora of tools, platforms, and resources while staying abreast of the industry. Today I’m providing you some shorts, tips, and bits to keep you in the know with Internet Marketing News.  

TikTok Shares Key Tips for Marketers in its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ Report

TikTok has published its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ report, which looks at the key shifts that TikTok’s seeing, from a marketing perspective, within the broader scope of engagement across the app.

This is the third annual trend forecast, designed to help marketers understand how consumers’ wants and needs will change in the upcoming year and what that will mean for their strategies, both on and off of TikTok.

From fun to functional, this new report will focus on unpacking long-term TikTok-first cultural forces, the underlying signals that show how each of these come to life, and the implications for brands to succeed on the platform.

here is the link: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/en-us/whats-next-2023-trend-report

Earn Multiple Commissions (Totaling Up To $223.06 Per Customer) With This Kick Butt, Proven-To-Convert Offer?

YouTube Adds Chat Emotes, New Shorts Editing Tools and Automated Audio Dubbing in Other Languages

YouTube has announced a range of new tweaks and updates, which are actually fairly significant, in different ways, but particularly if you’re looking to make Shorts a focus heading into the new year.

See Here: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/YouTube-Adds-Emotes-Shorts-Thumbnails-Audio-Dubbing/638157/

Are Breadcrumbs A Google Ranking Factor?

Breadcrumbs are helpful for users, but does that mean that adding breadcrumb markup will propel your page to the top of search results?

Site: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ranking-factors/breadcrumbs-ranking-factor/

Ready To Scale Big Using Our Private 200M YouTube Ads Framework?

Google Search rolls out new search refinements for top bar filters with related topics

As previewed at the Search On event, now these new related topics options can show in the top far filter options.

Go Here: https://searchengineland.com/google-search-rolls-out-new-search-refinements-for-top-bar-filters-with-related-topics-389996

So Far, Marketers Won’t Buzz to Hive Social as Twitter Alternative

With an ad free platform and a ban on certain commercial content, is the latest Twitter alternative, Hive Social, a marketing buzzkill?

In the herculean effort to advance their brand amid Twitter’s seemingly constant controversy and chaos, some marketers are on the hunt for an alternative — and lately several are vying for attention. Most recently, it’s Hive Social.

But can a platform without advertising and strict limits on commercial contact be the answer?

See article here: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/so-far-marketers-wont-buzz-to-hive-social-as-twitter-alternative/

Perpetual 365 Recession-proof income; we are rapidly moving into a “new era and economy”. Are you ready? Do you know how to maneuver and profit?

The Complete Guide to Online Customer Research

Are you looking for a new way to understand your customers? Do you know where they spend their time online, their average annual income or revenue, and their most significant problems relevant to your solution?

Considering all the data you hold, you probably think you know your customers pretty well. You may also feel that you understand them and deliver what they need. Does that sound like you? Then you might want to think again.

See the guide here: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/so-far-marketers-wont-buzz-to-hive-social-as-twitter-alternative/

Internet Marketing News: Facebook Enables New Ways To Make Money & Faster Payouts

Meta is introducing new ways to monetize content on Facebook and lowering the payment threshold for creators.

Site URL: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/facebook-enables-new-ways-to-make-money-faster-payouts/473651/

AI is improved and now taking High Ticket Sales by Storm. Discover Here Now!

The 30 Best Ads of 2022

Advertisers from around the globe took big creative swings and won big.

See the list here: https://www.adweek.com/creativity/the-30-best-ads-of-2022/

Internet Marketing News: LinkedIn Adds More Analytics for Creators

LinkedIn announced new creator analytics in March of this year, and now in December, they’ve made even more improvements to their creator analytics. Linkedin’s new analytics are improved and more detailed for creators and brands.

But what are they and what can they do for you?

Link: https://rockcontent.com/blog/linkedin-new-analytics/

Google Rolls Out December 2022 Helpful Content Update

Google’s helpful content system is designed to reward webpages created for people rather than search engines. It aims to elevate content that adds unique value to the web, above and beyond what’s broadly available from other publishers.

Link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-rolls-out-december-2022-helpful-content-update/473360/

Best Analytics Platforms: Databox and Mongools.

Facebook Enables New Ways To Make Money & Faster Payouts

Meta is introducing new ways to monetize content on Facebook and lowering the payment threshold for creators.

Link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/facebook-enables-new-ways-to-make-money-faster-payouts/473651/

Never stop learning and keep growing! Persevere!

To your success,


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Easily Double Your CTR with 5 Simple Words

While I don’t always advocate taking shortcuts and easy routes, this one is just too good not to share with you. Here are the top headline words that easily double your CTR.

Imagine if you could just about guarantee that every headline, subject and title you write is a hit, and do it without spending days compiling headline lists and testing them against each other. What would that be worth to you?

You can quickly create a psychological state of desire in your reader by using a variation of these five words in your titles, subject lines and calls to action.

Double Your CTR with “You”

Double Your CTR with the word you
Strategic Marketing – Who doesn’t like the word “you”?

No one gets tired of hearing their own name or even being spoken directly to.

Easy” will Easily Double Your CTR

Who doesn’t love easy? Easy ways to make money, to get in shape, to become healthier, wealthier and wise.

“Fast” – Double your CTR faster

People want everything quicker and faster these days, and if you can provide that speed, they will love it.

Free” – Double your CTR at no cost

This is the best known and perhaps most used word for titles that increase conversions. In fact, I challenge you to test two nearly identical headlines, one using the word “free” and one with out it to see what happens.


double your CTR with money
No list of titles words could be complete without using “money”

And of course, this list would not be complete without the mention of money. While ‘free’ is all about getting stuff without paying, ‘money’ is all about making the greenbacks. If you can make it sound realistic, then mentioning money works.

Words like You, Free, Money, Easy and Fast are effective because they capture attention, remove barriers and entice readers with what they want: Quick, simple solutions to their problems.

That’s why when you see a headline such as, “5 Easy Ways to Double Your Sales,” you almost cannot help but click on it.

When possible, combine two or even three of these words in a headline. It’s fine to use synonyms, too. For example, other words and terms for ‘fast’ are:

  • Accelerated
  • Express
  • Presto
  • High-Speed
  • In a Snap
  • In X Days
  • In X Minutes
  • In X Steps
  • Like Crazy
  • Rapid
  • Speedy
  • Split-Second
  • Quick
  • Supersonic

Examples of Headlines That Will Easily Double Your CTR:

I challenge you to use at least one of these 5 words in your next 10 headlines and measure the results compared to your last 10, and then let me know the results. I think you will be pleased at your higher rates of opens and clicks.

Add in some free traffic some affiliate programs and you’ll be off to the bank!

To your success!


blogonline resourcesmemberships

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What are the Best Small Business Ideas for 2023?

There are so many great small business ideas out there that it can be tough to choose which one to pursue. Here are 15 of the best small business ideas for 2023.

If you’re currently employed full-time, it can be even tougher to find the time to start a business on the side.

But it is possible. I know firsthand because I’ve done it myself. In fact, some of the best businesses are started by people who are already working full-time.

If you’re feeling motivated to start a business in 2023 but don’t know where to start, here are 15 great small business ideas you can pursue.

List of 15 Best Small Business

1. Start a blog

If you’re passionate about a certain topic, why not start a blog about it? You can share your knowledge and expertise with the world, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to make some serious money from your blog through advertising or affiliate marketing.

On average, serious bloggers make around $45,000 year. Keep in mind that the first six months is a building phase of creating content, driving traffic and building your following. The real income tends to kick in during the second six months, with the $45,000 a year figure for an established blog.

One of the best things about blogging is that it’s relatively inexpensive and can be done in your spare time.

best small business ideas blog

2. Start an e-commerce business

If you’re good at finding products that people want to buy online, an e-commerce business could be for you. You can sell just about anything, from physical goods to digital products. And the best part is, you can get started without investing a lot of money.

The trick is to find products you can purchase for a low amount, sell for substantially more and that people want to buy from you.

T-shirts and other personalized items can work really well for this and entire 6 figure businesses have been built with a few super catchy and timely t-shirt slogans along with good graphics and marketing.

3. Start a service business

If you have a particular skill or talent that you can offer others, why not start a service business? You can offer your services to clients on a freelance basis, or you can even start your own service-based business.

If you are particularly good at any one aspect of online marketing, for example, then this could be a good fit for you. Content creation, graphic design, reputation management, and business coaching are all good possibilities.

4. Start a subscription box business

best small business subscription box
Subscription box and membership models rank high in the best small businesses to start in 2023

If you’re looking for a unique business idea, why not start a subscription box business? You can curate boxes of products based on a theme and people can subscribe to receive them on a monthly or quarterly basis. Subscription and membership business models are a great way to build a loyal customer base and make some recurring revenue.

I’ve seen this work in crafting niches such as crochet and knitting, as well as pet niches, personal care items and even snack foods.

best small business snack box
New York Post ranked Universal Yums as the #1 snack box in 2022.

5. Start a drop shipping business

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping products yourself, you can always start a drop shipping business. This type of business allows you to sell products without having to worry about inventory or shipping. Instead, when a customer orders a product from your store or from Amazon, you simply order it from your supplier and have it shipped directly to the customer.

The key here is to identify savvy product opportunities. Finding products from overseas that will sell well while giving you a good profit margin will take some research, but it can be well worth it.

6. Start an affiliate marketing website

If you’re good at driving traffic to websites, you could start an affiliate marketing website. This type of site earns revenue by directing visitors to other websites via your affiliate link, where they can make purchases. As an affiliate, you earn a commission on every sale that you refer. If you’re interested in passive income, membership websites are the perfect match.

Your first step is to choose a niche. Find products that you want to promote in that niche, and then create content to bring in prospects. Build your list and market these affiliate products to your list as well as on your website. HINT: Learn the art of providing bonuses to entice buyers. Often times, a valuable bonus may be so attractive, that the buyer desires the juicy bonus as much or even more than the original offer. Make sure your bonuses are valuable and closely correlate to the original offering.

Best Small Business Traffic
Best Recommended Free Traffic to your Website Sign Up HERE

7. Start a social media marketing agency

If you’re good at marketing on social media, you could start your own social media marketing agency. You can help businesses grow their online following and get more leads and sales from their social media accounts.

8. Start writing ebooks

The beauty of ebooks is that while content matters, length does not. As long as you deliver on the promise of the title, your ebook can be almost any length. This means that if you get busy and focus, you could possibly write a new ebook every month or two. Heck, I’ve known people who wrote their first ebook over a two-day weekend.

Use each ebook to recommend the other ebooks as well as any services you provide.

In fact, an ebook can be a great way to get customers for your service. For example, if you’re a web designer and you wrote the book on web design, clients are going to be much more eager to hire you for your services.

9. Start teaching online courses

If you’re an expert then there is likely an audience willing to pay to learn what you know. Teachable is perhaps the easiest and most affordable platform to host your course and they have plenty of free resources to help you get started.

Best Small Business Affiliate Marketing Courses
Affiliate University offers Affiliate Training and Coaching Courses

10. Start an SEO agency

If you’re good at optimizing websites for search engines, you could start your own SEO agency. You can help businesses improve their ranking in search results and get more traffic to their website.

11. Start a web design agency

If you’re good at designing websites, you could start your own web design agency. You can help businesses create beautiful and functional websites and entire sales funnels that convert visitors into customers.

12. Start a content marketing agency

If you’re good at creating compelling content, you could start your own content marketing agency. You can help businesses attract more website visitors and convert them into customers with high-quality content.

13. Start Instagram marketing

Build a loyal following on Instagram and could get deals with major brands to promote their products and services related to your content. If you have enough followers, you can charge $500 to $5000 or more per post.

14. Start an online coaching business

Coaching business is hot and getting hotter. Coaching is one of the best buseinss models to generate high ticket income over a long term period of time. Or another way to put it – one of the best residual income stream you can create. Basic content can be recorded and provided in webinar format. Upsells can include high dollar one-on-one coaching where coaches are making $2,000 to $5,000 per month with just a few clients.

Best Small Business Coaching
Mastering The Art of Coaching Course

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Everyone has an area of expertise that they can develop into a niche coaching program. This can be the perfect way to teach beginners in your field. One-on-one coaching is a dependable side business that can be grown into a full time income. If you charge by the hour,  then you’ll want to use a system like Teamwork to keep track of billable hours while managing client projects at the same time.

In addition to the help you give others, you can also build an online community using a private Facebook group or Groove for your clients to interact and learn from each other.

15. Start a podcast

If you enjoy telling stories, chatting and doing interviews then this is a great opportunity for you to build an audience around a specific topic. You can use your podcast to get sponsors, to promote affiliate products or your own products. Even a new podcast with a built-in audience or a podcast that is building a strong audience can secure advertisers at $200 to $500 per 90 second slot.

You can research and create your own content, or you can interview experts on your podcast. Be sure to do plenty of storytelling to get and keep your audience, as well as conveying your enthusiasm for your topic, using emotion and humor to keep listeners coming back for more.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to get you started. There are endless possibilities when it comes to starting your own business. So, if you’re feeling motivated, take the first step and see where it takes you!

It’s never to late to start a new chapter in your life and follow that calling to do something more.

This is Sherman. Sherman is old and wise and says to leave no stone unturned!

And lastly, be creative, have fun and “rock it”

To your success!


blogonline resourcesmemberships

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Best Small Business Affiliate Program
New Easy Beginner Affiliate Program – DFY Plug and Play Discover HERE

Do You Know The Secret Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions

The secret bedtime skill is storytelling, which has been a part of business throughout history. Storytelling has stood the test of time in marketing and sales, generating billions. Smart online marketing leverages the skill that earns billions.

Let’s Begin With the Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions

About a century ago, the street was a public place open to everyone. It was shared by pedestrians, horses, streetcars and bicyclists. But as cars become popular, they would drive through the streets at top speed and mow down pedestrians.

Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions in history
Historical Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions

Public outcry called for laws to be passed against these new automobiles to save lives. Naturally, fearing their product would become outlawed in cities, the auto industry fought back.

How did they do it? By controlling the story.

They told people that the streets were for cars only, and if a car kills you, then it’s your own fault. They even called pedestrians by a nasty, humiliating name – Jay walking. Back then ‘jay’ was a truly offensive name, meaning ‘dirty hillbilly.’

To publicize this new insult, the auto industry planted stories in newspapers blaming pedestrians for automobile deaths and calling them by the offensive name.

Today thanks to this blame shifting propaganda, jaywalking is a crime. Think about it: A group of businessmen created stories and coined an offensive slur to promote their product.

And it worked so well, this offensive slur is now a legal term.

As a result of this storytelling on the part of the auto industry, the street went from being a public place where everyone was welcome to a terrifying off-limits death trap for machines.

Skill that Earns Billions from days of old

I suppose if there’s a moral to this story, it’s, “S/he Who Crafts The Story, Wins.”

Early this month I blogged why storytelling is so effective in business and how to use it to engage with customers and make more sales.

We told how simple storytelling increased the eBay bids on cheap ordinary items by 6395%.

And we covered how there are basically two types of stories in business: The entertaining story that might have little to do with your product, and yet they create clicks and sales…

…and the stories that are custom crafted to your particular business.

Now I want to follow up and tackle this second type of story.

We all love a good story. And as we’ve seen, stories are great for marketing. That’s because stories are the best way to engage your brain, according to neuroscientists.

That’s why if you’re looking for a way to make your marketing more engaging, using a storytelling template is a great place to start. And of all the storytelling templates out there, one of the most popular is the hero’s journey.

The hero’s journey is a template that’s been used for centuries to tell everything from myths to movies including Star Wars. And it’s also a powerful tool for content marketing.

The Hero’s Journey Storytelling Template

Hero Storytelling

The hero’s journey template is all about following a character on a journey. Note that each step corresponds to a different stage in the character’s development.

1: The first step is the “call to adventure.” This is where the character is first introduced to the problem they’re going to have to solve.

2: Next comes the “refusal of the call.” This is where the character tries to resist getting involved in the adventure, but eventually they realize they have to face the problem head on.

3: After that comes the “meeting with the mentor.” This is where the character meets someone who helps them prepare for the challenges ahead.

4: Then comes the “crossing the threshold.” This is when the character finally commits to the adventure and starts taking action.

5: From there, the character faces a series of challenges, which leads to the “climax” of the story. This is the moment when the character overcomes the final obstacle and achieves their goal.

6: Finally, there’s the “return home.” This is where the character comes back changed from their adventure. They may not be the same person they were before, but they’re better for having gone through the journey.

Let’s see how this formula was used in Star Wars:

First you see the main character with a boring, everyday routine. Then they get pulled into conflict reluctantly and fall into the unknown, which is doing something for the first time such as leaving home.

Then everything seems too overwhelming. The main character hits a point of no return where it looks like all they can do is give up.

Against all odds, they choose to go forward. This transforms them into new people – typically Jedi – and they can now accomplish seemingly impossible goals such as blowing up the Death Star.

Finally, the main character returns to a comfortable life with much celebration with their friends.

How might this look in marketing?

Let’s imagine that you teach Facebook advertising, or perhaps you do Facebook advertising for businesses.0

Using the Hero’s Journey as the framework, there are an infinite number of variations to the story you could write. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to do it. Test your story and refine it over time to make it even better.

Hero Story Example

Here’s an example story and notice that some of the Hero’s Journey steps are overlapped.

Bob was shocked. “What do you mean you make back $4 for every dollar you spend on Facebook advertising? I don’t believe it!”

Bob had his own online business, so he wasn’t completely naïve about how things worked. Still, he preferred using ‘free’ methods to drive traffic, which meant putting in long hours for results that might not come.

I showed Bob exactly what I spent and how I earned it back times 4, and after an hour of listening to Bob tell me why it wouldn’t work for his business, he finally agreed to let me do a small series of trial tests for him.

I’ll never forget how he called me numerous times a day for the next few days to see how it was going. Bob thought for sure paid advertising would fail for him, and initially it did. It wasn’t until the fourth try that we began to get it right, and by the seventh try we had it down cold. Bob was earning almost $5 for every dollar he spent on Facebook advertising.

Over the next few weeks we further refined his campaign until he was earning $7.12 for every dollar spent. Skepticism gone, Bob was so thrilled with the results, he brought over a bottle of champaign and we celebrated his good fortune together.

Now Bob spends his time playing golf instead of chasing ‘free’ traffic. His income is three times what it was before we started working together, and he plans to expand his business into related products to further increase his profits.

The hero’s journey is a great way to structure a marketing story because it’s proven to be engaging and effective. And best of all, it’s easy to follow. When you’re looking for a way to take your marketing to the next level, using the hero’s journey template is a great place to start.

But what if you need something a little different?

The Television Sitcom Story Template

The Hero’s Journey is great but it’s not always right for what you want to convey. In those cases, you might want to try a story template that many sitcoms use, and it goes like this:

1: First the main character is in their comfort zone but then they want something.

2: They enter into an unfamiliar/uncomfortable situation but then they begin to grow and adapt.

3: They get what they want but not without having to pay a heavy price for it.

4: And then they return to their familiar situation as a changed person.

Returning back to our earlier example of Facebook advertising:

Bob was working 40-50 hours a week driving ‘free’ traffic to his website through writing content, creating videos, building links and asking other marketers for JV deals. Sure, he was making money, but what he really wanted was to play golf every day.

This is Bob. Don’t be like Bob.

That’s when Bob asked if I could help him. We worked together to convert his business to paid advertising, and at first Bob felt uncomfortable because Facebook advertising was new to him. But I took care of the details, created and tested the campaigns, and when we started to see results Bob was fully onboard with the idea of paying for traffic.

After 6 weeks we had his Facebook campaigns refined to a point where Bob was making $7.12 for every dollar he spent.

And while the process was not cheap, Bob says it’s the best thing he’s ever done for his business and his life. He now plays golf 5 days a week and he’s making plans to expand his business with new products and new markets.

See how easy that is? Mind you, these stories are completely off the top of my head. I’m simply following the outline. When you make your own stories, you’ll want to try them out on people and refine them over time to get it just right.

Finally, I want you to have what I believe is the easiest storytelling template to use in business, and it comes from storytelling masters who have made a lot of money with this exact formula.

Pixar Films Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions Template

One of the best storytellers… Unique, Humorous, Captivating…

This is so simple, it really needs no introduction.

1: Once upon a time, there was…

2: Every day…

3: But one day…

4: Because of that…

5: Because of that…

6: Until finally…

Pixar’s rate of success with this formula is about 94%, which in the film industry is unbeatable.

Ready for an example story? Let’s do it…

Once there was an online business owner named Bob who spent his days and even some of his nights driving ‘free’ traffic to his website.

Every day he worked on link building, SEO, content creation, video creation, courting affiliates and looking for JV deals.

Bob was exhausted, but one day he heard about this guy who was helping businesses to use paid advertising on Facebook to earn at least $3 for every dollar spent.

Bob didn’t think it was possible, but just in case it was he contacted the guy and asked for his help.

Because of that, six weeks later Bob was getting as much traffic from Facebook as he could handle, and every dollar he spent on Facebook advertising was earning him $7.12.

Now Bob was golfing 5 days a week, earning more money than ever.

And he has plans to use his fast growing profits to expand his product line and even venture into new markets.

Again, this is an imaginary business, an imaginary Bob and I made this up off the top of my head.

Imagine how much better you will do when talking about your own business, your own products and your own customers.

Have a conversation with your best customers and take notes. Then plug what they told you into any one of these three formulas and use it as a mini-case study, a testimonial or even the beginning of a sales letter or blog post.

You can also use these stories anyplace you post content, including in videos, articles, podcasts, social media and more.

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Let’s close out with the best storytelling tips I gleaned from storytelling experts:

12 Best Tips for Bedtime Skill that Earns Billions in Business

1. Start with the climax.

This is the most important part of the story, so make sure to start with it. It’ll capture attention and keep people engaged.

2. Make it personal.

Your story should be about you and your experiences. It should be relatable and inspire others.

3. Use concrete details.

Talk about specific times, places, and people in your story. This will make it more interesting and believable.

4. Use strong verbs.

Choose verbs that are descriptive and vivid. This will help paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

5. Use dialogue.

Use quotes from conversations you’ve had or overheard. This will add flavor to your story and make it more realistic.

6. Keep it simple.

Don’t try to cram too much into your story. Stick to the important details and make sure it flows well.

7. Make it intriguing.

Your story should make people want to know more. Leave them wanting more at the end.

8. Be yourself.

Tell your story in your own voice. Be honest and authentic, and people will connect with you.

9. Use body language.

Your body language can convey a lot about how you’re feeling. Use it to emphasize certain parts of your story.

10. Be passionate

Tell your story with conviction and feeling. People will be more likely to believe you and be moved by your story.

11. Tell it like it is.

Don’t try to sugarcoat or hide the ugly parts of your story. Be raw and honest for maximum impact.

12. Have a moral.

Your story should have a point or a moral that you want people to take away from it.

And one last note. Stories are a great way to lead to passive income.


blogonline resourcesmemberships

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“What Are The Best Words To Dominate Headlines?”

Imagine if there were “magic” words you could use in your headlines to get people to eagerly devour your articles and emails. Here are some of the best power words to dominate headlines.

Headlines should be attention-grabbing and informative, using strong, active verbs and specific, exciting language. Headlines are often written in the present tense and use “power words” such as “amazing,” “breaking,” “exclusive,” “revolutionary,” and “shocking.”

The fact is there are some words that work really well at forcing scanning eyes to stay on a headline and read the whole thing.

use the best power words to dominate headlines and capture attention
Use power words to dominate headlines and capture attention!

And when you can incorporate one or more of these words into your own headlines, you’ll find you often double the number of people who click the headline and read the article.

The challenge is to make the word or phrase work for what you’re trying to convey. Forcing these words into a headline where they don’t belong will only create negative SEO consequences. But if you start with the headline in mind, then these power words can work in your favor.

111 Best Words to dominate Headlines

2023 [The current or upcoming year]

According to

Ahead of the game





At every stage








Beginner Guide

Beginner Lesson



Best selling



Case Study


Cheat Sheet



Complete Beginner’s Guide

Complete Guide



Easy & Fast

Easy & Free

Easy Guide







Fast & Easy

Fast & Free

For [Your Target Audience]





Free & Paid

Full Walkthrough







In-Depth Guide





Make Money





No Money Down

No New Equipment





Quick-Start Guide














Step by step






That Really Work

That Work

The Basics

The Complete Guide

The Definitive Guide



Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Ultimate Guide








With Pictures

With Stats

With Videos


You’re Not Lazy

SEO Considerations

When striving to create a powerful, dominant title, you must remember to balance packing the title with power words and SEO considerations.

SEO-friendly titles should be descriptive, concise, and include relevant keywords.

  1. Descriptive: The title should accurately reflect the content of the page.
  2. Concise: Titles should be kept between 50-60 characters, as search engines typically only display the first 50-60 characters.
  3. Relevant keywords: The title should include keywords that are relevant to the content of the page, and that people might use in a search query. Additionally, it’s important to make the title unique and not use click-bait or misleading titles.

Although creating that supper headline or title is as much of an art as it is a science, I strongly suggest using helpful SEO tools. Some platforms have SEO and analytics incorporated, while others may not.

Just do a little searching and you will find plenty of options. I use GetResponse, Groove Aweber and HighLevel. For SEO Buzzsumo, DataBox, Mangools, HighLevel, and Groove all have trial free periods.

In a previous blog, I talked about Ryan Robinson’s blog and resources and free tools he offers. In that blog I linked to a key word finder and to a SEO title generator. I use these on a regular basis and find them quite helpful. The key is to use power words while staying within the confines of a clean title from the SEO gods perspective.

Enjoy the challenge!


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Killer Content Strategy can Double Subscribers and Sales in 7 simple Steps

When I finally implemented a content strategy for my own business, it far exceeded my expectations and more than doubled the number of leads and sales I received from my content marketing efforts. The results were incredible.

You’ve probably heard of content strategy before, but what is it really? And how can it save you time and effort?

Your content strategy is the plan you develop for what kind of content you will create, how you will distribute it, and how you will manage it over time.

Content Strategy is a big part of Content Marketing
Content Strategy can double subscribers and sale

In other words, it’s a way to make sure that your content is optimized for growth.

When you take the time to develop a content strategy, it can save you months of time and effort. A well-thought-out content strategy will help you focus your energies on creating content that is aligned with your business goals and audience needs.

When done right, a content strategy can definitely help your business and your bottom line.

Here’s how:

1. A content strategy will help you save time.

If you’re constantly creating new content without a plan, you’re wasting time. A content strategy will help you determine what type of content to create, how often to create it, and where to distribute it. This will save you time in the long run.

2. A content strategy will help you generate more leads.

Lead generation is all about getting your content in front of the right people. A content strategy will help you identify your target audience and create content that resonates with them. This will help you generate more leads and convert more prospects into customers.

3. A content strategy will help you increase your sales.

When you have a plan for your content, you can track its performance and adjust your approach accordingly. This will help you improve your conversion rates and drive more sales.

Quality Content Strategy equals more sales
A great content strategy can vastly improve your bottom line!

4. A content strategy will help you scale your business.

If you want to scale your business, you need to have a plan for your content. A content strategy will help you create a system for producing and managing your content. This will make it easier to scale your business without sacrificing quality.

A step by step approach to creating your own content strategy:

1. Define your business goals.

The first step in creating a content strategy is to define your business goals. What are you trying to achieve with your content? Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate leads?

For each of your goals, test to find which types of content perform the best for that goal.

For example, some people won’t even know they need your product until you educate them on their problem and how your product solves it. The content you write in this case will be a lot different than if people already know they need a product like yours, and you just need to show them why yours in the best one for them.

2. Know your audience.

Another important step in creating a content strategy is to know your audience. Who are you creating content for? What are their needs and interests?

Consider the demographics of your target audience such as age, gender, education and experience.

Create a buyer persona of your idea prospect and then target that person. According to Groove, using buyer personas make websites 2 to 5 times more effective as well as improving the user experience.

Find your prospect’s interests, their problems related to your niche and what they are complaining about. Go to sites that sell similar products and see what people say in the reviews, both positive and negative. Check out forums, social media, niche groups and anyplace where your ideal prospect hangs out.

The more you know about your prospect, their problem, their desires and their objections, the better you can craft your own messages.

creative content strategy is all inclusive, yet unique
A creative content strategy is all inclusive, yet unique.

3. Decide what type of content you will create.

Once you know your business goals and audience, you can decide what type of content you will create. Will you create blog posts, video content, or podcasts? What format will your content take? The type of content you create should be based on your business goals and audience needs.

4. Choose your platforms.

Find out where your ideal prospects hang out and then reach them where they are.

If your prospects are on Instagram, then that’s where you go. If they are on LinkedIn, then you know where you need to be.

If you’re unsure, you might need to do more research or simply test one platform against another until you find the right fit.

5. Create a content calendar.

Once you know what type of content you will create, you can start to develop a content calendar. This will help you plan and schedule your content so that you can stay organized and consistent. A content calendar will also help you measure your success over time.

Ideally you want to take your prospect through a buyer’s journey that results in a sale.

One of the most common buyer’s journeys looks like this:

  • They discover your business through social media, a blog or a video
  • They join your email list and or visit your site
  • They find out more about your product and if it’s right for them. They also look at reviews and ratings.
  • They compare your product with your competitor’s product
  • They purchase

But if possible, you want your product to be perceived as having no competition at all. This way you will eliminate comparisons with competition, removing that step in the buyer’s journey and getting to the sale that much faster.

6. Promote your content.

Promote your content once it’s created. Share it on social media, email it to your list, and make sure it’s easy for people to find. The more people see your content, the more likely it is to achieve your business goals.

Be sure to keep your content updated as well. Old, outdated content is not going to help you and in fact it can even turn people away from you.

7. Run a content audit.

This is where you will analyze which content is bringing in the most traffic, which content is converting to the most subscribers and which content is bringing in the most sales.

It’s possible that one piece of content will bring in 1,000 new subscribers but none of them will purchase, while another piece of content will bring in only 100 new subscribers and 7 of those will purchase. It’s important to analyze not just which content brings in the most eyeballs and the most subscribers, but also which pieces result in the most sales over time.

Double down on the content that is converting and stop wasting time with content that isn’t working.

Mediums you could use to share content:

Written content:

Content Strategy written content

Visual Content:

  • Imgur
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • SlideShare
  • Snapchat
  • StumbleUpon

Content Strategy Hosting
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Video Content:

  • Facebook Watch
  • Instagram Reels
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Audio Content:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Pocket Casts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher

Audio Content:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Pocket Casts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher

Types of Written Content:

Types of Written Content:

Types of video content:

Interactive Content:

  • Contests
  • Games
  • Polls
  • Quizzes

Creating a content strategy is worth it because it provides you with clarity and makes it easier to know what kinds of content are going to bring you the greatest return for your time.

Instead of randomly posting odd bits of content as you think of it, you’ll be able to focus on exactly the types of content that do the most work to bring in the most sales.

Learning to build and use my own content strategy more than doubled my sales in a very short amount of time, and I’m confident it can do wonders for your business as well. And a well-thought-out strategy will save you time and effort in the long run and help you create only content that is aligned with your business goals and audience needs.

content strategy campaign
Once you have completed your content strategy campaign, you can relax knowing you have a path.

And one final benefit. The work is well worth it. The peace of mind that you have knowing that you are organized, prepared, and going down the right strategic path helps you rest easier and sleep at night.

The sooner you create, compile and execute your content strategy campaign, the sooner you will know your on your chosen, strategic path, and not meandering as the wind blows. Then kick back, pat yourself on the back and relax.

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