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Hello World! It’s a Internet and Affiliate Marketing Extravaganza!

Hi! I’m just opening and announcing our new blog! Because we want to share some of our insights, work, and learnings and pick up the same from others. Our primary focus is internet marketing and the plethora of everything related.

We are excited to interact and learn from all of the knowledge and expertise out there. And of course we will provide a bit of our own. We can never stop learning, and this blog is one more avenue for us to interact and learn from each other. So Welcome! We are glad you found us.

Thanks for reading, and I would like to invite and highly encourage you all to share any insights, tips or tricks as you all feel appropriate. And of course opinions as well. We will do our best to separate out our opinions from that which is backed up with facts, data, test studies, case studies and all of those good things. We are so excited to be here!

Speaking of what we will talk about, it will be a little bit of everything related to internet marketing and the plethora of subjects related to internet marketing. Just to provide a bit better of an idea, this may be including but not limited to:

  • traffic
  • emailing
  • advertising
  • affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • memberships
  • products
  • success
  • profits
  • wealth
  • high-ticket
  • copywriting
  • funnels
  • newsletters
  • resources
  • tools and softwares
  • entrepreneurship
  • business cost savings
  • and much, much more

Yes, as we continue to grow and mature, we will have more added to our site all the time. So since we are just starting, we are a bit bare today. But check back every so often, and I hope to hear from you.

Hope chat with you soon

Dave and Don

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