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130 February Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Bottom Line

Did you know that emailing your list every day yields far better results than emailing only occasionally? Here are 130 marketing ideas to boost your bottom line

And with these 130 ideas, you have no reason not to email daily. Yes, a few people will unsubscribe in a huff because you sent “too many emails,” whatever that means. But those were not your best prospects anyway.

And if you make your emails fun, entertaining and maybe even a little bit informative, you’ll get more opens and more clicks and yes, more revenue.

But the tough part is coming up with a new idea every day to send to your list. That is, it’s tough unless you take advantage of the crazy, strange and downright wacky holidays that happen throughout the month.

For example, on February 1st you might write an email about “work naked day” which I guarantee will get opened. Hint. I’m not posting a pic!

On the 2nd, you can talk about the marmot that stole your ice cream and your spouse’s tater tots while hiking at Mt. Rainier National Park. Okay, maybe it’s not 100% true, but when you start combining these holidays, you can come up with some really wild stuff.

February 3rd is Dump Your Significant Jerk Day, and who doesn’t have a great, funny or cringeworthy story tell about that?

I challenge you to send an email every single day in February to your list. And if you get stuck for ideas, just peruse this list and you’ll have plenty to work from.

Post those emails on your blog as well, and then jump on social media and use the hashtags to grab people and send them to your site to read your posts.

More interaction from your list, more people hitting your site from social media, and a daily chance to get more subscribers, too.

It’s a win-win-win, and it’s super easy to do, too.

And don’t forget to include valuable content and information. I will sprinkle in 10 tips to increase email open rates.

Tip #1. Send to Targeted Audiences: Use targeted audiences who are more likely to open and engage.

Now let’s get into Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Bottom Line

February Holidays and Dates

February Month Long Holidays and Observances

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month       #AdoptaRescueRabbitMonth

American Heart Month  #AmericanHeartMonth

Bake for Family Fun Month    #BakeforFamilyFunMonth

Black History Month     #BlackHistoryMonth

Boost Your Self-Esteem Month       #BoostyourSelfEsteemMonth

Celebration of Chocolate Month      #CelebrationofChocolateMonth

Have fun….

Be Creative….

Maybe you just go crazy and combine two or three!

Celebration of Chocolate Month      #CelebrationofChocolateMonth

Creative Romance Month      #CreativeRomanceMonth

Marketing Ideas to Boost your bottom line

Dog Training Education Month        #DogTrainingEducationMonth

Great American Pie Month     #GreatAmericanPieMonth

International Embroidery Month     #InternationalEmbroideryMonth

Humpback Whale Awareness Month #HumpBackWhaleAwarenessMonth

National Cat Health Month     #NationalCatHealthMonth

National Cherry Month  #NationalCherryMonth

National Hot Breakfast Month #NationalHotBreakfastMonth

National Snack Food Month   #NationalSnackFoodMonth

National Weddings Month      #NationalWeddingsMonth

Vegan Cuisine Month    #VeganCuisineMonth

Tip #2. Write Engaging Subject Lines: Use interesting subject lines that will entice opening your emails.

February Holidays by Date

February 1st

Bubble Gum Day #BubbleGumDay

Wear Red Day #WearRedDay

Car Insurance Day #CarInsuranceDay

World Read Aloud Day #ReadAloudDay

Decorating with Candy Day #DecoratingWithCandyDay

Working Naked Day #WorkingNakedDay

Hmm, just wondering if working naked would increase your marketing ideas to boost your bottom line? I sure don’t know, just asking for a friend…

Serpent Day #SerpentDay

February 2nd

Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Bottom Line with Ice Cream for Breakfast Day #IceCreamForBreakfastDay

Email engagement to boost your bottom line
#IceCreamForBreakfastDay will surely create engagement!

Hedgehog Day #HedgehogDay

Marmot Day #MarmotDay

World Wetlands Day #WetlandsDay

Tater Tot Day #TaterTotDay

Take Your Child to the Library Day #TakeYourChildToTheLibraryDay

Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

Tip #3. Personalize Your Messages: Personalize emails to fit your readers’ interests.

February 3rd

Carrot Cake Day #CarrotCakeDay

Yorkshire Pudding Day #YorkshirePuddingDay

International Golden Retriever Day #GoldenRetrieverDay

Dump Your Significant Jerk Day #DumpYourSignificantJerkDay

February 4th

Boost Your Bottom Line with Thank a Letter Carrier Day #ThankALetterCarrierDay

marketing ideas for passive income
Take action now to get cash delivered to your mailbox #ThankALetterCarrierDay #PassiveIncomeStreams

Homemade Soup Day #HomemadeSoupDay

World Cancer Day #CancerDay

National Sweater Day #SweaterDay

February 5th

World Nutella Day #NutellaDay

Weatherman’s Day #WeathermansDay

Chocolate Fondue Day #ChocolateFondueDay

Western Monarch Day #WesternMonarchDay

Safer Internet Day #SaferInternetDay

February 6th

Frozen Yogurt Day #FrozenYogurtDay

Lame Duck Day #LameDuckDay

Tip #4. Include Your Logo: Include your logo in the email to help readers recognize you.

February 7th

Ballet Day #BalletDay

Send a Card to a Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay

February 8th

Kite Flying Day #KiteFlyingDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with Laugh and Get Rich Day #LaughAndGetRichDay

Passive Income to boost your bottom line
Laugh and Get Rich with Passive Income to Boost Your Bottom Line

Opera Day #OperaDay

Molasses Bar Day #MolassesBarDay

February 9th

Read in a Bathtub Day #ReadInABathtubDay

Toothache Day #ToothacheDay

Pizza Day #PizzaDay

Tip #5. Optimize For Mobile: Make sure your emails look great on any device.

February 10th

Umbrella Day #UmbrellaDay

World Marriage Day #MarriageDay

Cream Cheese Brownie Day #CreamCheeseBrownieDay

February 11th

Clean Out Your Computer Day #CleanOutYourComputerDay

Get Out Your Guitar Day #GetOutYourGuitarDay

Make a Friend Day #MakeAFriendDay

Satisfied Staying Single Day #SatisfiedStayingSingleDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day #DontCryOverSpilledMilkDay

Cash cow boosts your bottom line
Turn the spilled milk into a cash cow #DontCryOverSpilledMilkDay

Peppermint Patty Day #PeppermintPattyDay

White Shirt Day #WhiteShirtDay

February 12th

International Darwin Day #DarwinDay

Extraterrestrial Culture Day #ExtraterrestrialCultureDay

Plum Pudding Day #PlumPuddingDay

Lost Penny Day #LostPennyDay

Tip #6. Send At The Right Time: Send emails at a time when your readers are likely to open them.

February 13th

Radio Day #RadioDay

Get a Different Name Day #GetADifferentNameDay

Madly in Love With Me Day #MadlyInLoveWithMeDay

Tortellini Day #TortelliniDay

February 14th

Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay

Ferris Wheel Day #FerrisWheelDay

Donor Day #DonorDay

Pet Theft Awareness Day #PetTheftAwarenessDay

International Book Giving Day #BookGivingDay

Cream-Filled Chocolates Day #CreamFilledChocolatesDay

February 15th

Hippo Day #HippoDay

Gumdrop Day #GumdropDay

Singles Awareness Day #SinglesAwarenessDay

No One Eats Alone Day #NoOneEatsAloneDay

Tip #7. Use A/B Testing: Test different subject lines and content to see what works best with your readers.

February 16th

Innovation Day #InnovationDay

Almond Day #AlmondDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with World Whale Day #WhaleDay

#WhaleDay will boost your bottom line
Make a whale of amount of cash earning Perpetual Income 365 #WhaleDay

World Pangolin Day #PangolinDay

Do a Grouch a Favor Day #DoAGrouchAFavorDay

February 17th

Random Acts of Kindness Day #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

World Human Spirit Day #HumanSpiritDay

February 18th

National Drink Wine Day #DrinkWineDay

Battery Day #BatteryDay

Pluto Day #PlutoDay

February 19th

Chocolate Mint Day #ChocolateMintDay

International Tug-of-War Day #TugOfWarDay

Tip #8. Keep Emails Relevant: Make sure your emails are relevant to your readers’ interests.

February 20th

Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay

Cherry Pie Day #CherryPieDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with Handcuff Day #HandcuffDay

passive income lifestyle to boost your bottom line
Avoid #HandcuffDay! Take action now and achieve a Passive Income Lifestyle.

February 21st

Sticky Bun Day #StickyBunDay

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day #IntroduceAGirlToEngineeringDay

February 22nd

Single Tasking Day #SingleTaskingDay

World Thinking Day #ThinkingDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with Margarita Day #MargaritaDay

Passive Income streams boost your bottom line
Secure your Passive Income Stream and Enjoy #MargaritaDay

Walking the Dog Day #WalkingTheDogDay

World Yoga Day #YogaDay

Tip #9. Include An Actionable Call-To-Action: Include a CTA in the email to drive readers to take action.

February 23rd

Sword Swallowers Day #SwordSwallowersDay

Banana Bread Day #BananaBreadDay

Open That Bottle Night #OpenThatBottleNight

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day #DogBiscuitAppreciationDay

Play Tennis Day #PlayTennisDay

February 24th

Tortilla Chip Day #TortillaChipDay

World Bartender Day #BartenderDay

February 25th

Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day #ChocolateCoveredPeanutsDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with Wine and Cheese Day #WineAndCheeseDay

#perpetualincome365 to boost your bottom line
Lock in the Lifestyle You Dream About #WineAndCheeseDay #perpetualincome365

Clam Chowder Day #ClamChowderDay

Play More Cards Day #PlayMoreCardsDay

Tip #10. Use Automation: Automate emails to ensure timely delivery and engagement.

February 26th

Tell a Fairy Tale Day #TellAFairyTaleDay

Pistachio Day #PistachioDay

Boost Your Bottom Line with Personal Chef Day #PersonalChefDay

boost your bottom line at davesethonline.com
Memberships provide the ultimate Passive Income Stream #PersonalChefDay Get yours HERE

Levi Strauss Day #LeviStraussDay

February 27th

Pokémon Day #PokemonDay

Polar Bear Day #PolarBearDay

Strawberry Day #StrawberryDay

Inconvenience Yourself Day #InconvenienceYourselfDay

Kahlua Day #KahluaDay

February 28th

Digital Learning Day #DigitalLearningDay #DLDay

Chocolate Soufflé Day #ChocolateSouffleDay

Tooth Fairy Day #ToothFairyDay

Chilli Day #ChilliDay

With a little creativity, you can utilize any type of content to market or promote just about any niche, product or program.

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Thanks for reading, to your success!


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